Chat commands glitching

I tried making addons for TTT which use chat commands, and it bugs out the whole hooks, like !dm doesnt work anymore !shop doesnt work anymore, people can bypass the chat when being dead by using the ‘say’ concommand. I dont know how to fix this. Here are the codes I use:

hook.Add("PlayerSay", "Meow", function(ply, text, _)
	if string.sub(string.lower(text), 1, 8) == "!browser" then
	return text

hook.Add("OnPlayerChat", "SlashMe", function(ply, text, isteam, dead)
	if ply:IsValid() then
		if string.sub(string.lower(text), 1, 3) == "!me" or string.sub(string.lower(text), 1, 3) == "/me" then
			chat.AddText(Color(255, 255, 255), "** ", ply, string.sub(text, 4))
			return true

(please dont ask why I use these identifiers etc ;-:wink:

I dont know how to fix it :c HALP!

take out the return text from the first example

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Also this isn’t the glua help forum, see developer discussion for lua questions

Oh sorry ;-; I mislooked. Is there a way to move the thread?

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Thanks, its fixed, I’d like to get a moderator to move the thread for me c: