Chat Commands not showing in chat

Basically what I want is a resign command, where when you type it in, you return to the default team in DarkRP and the chat (you saying /resign) won’t show up. Here is my code:

function chatCommand( ply, text, public )
	if string.sub( text, 1, 7 ) == "/resign" and ply:Team() == TEAM_CITIZEN then
		DarkRP.notify( ply, 1, 5,  "You cannot resign as you do not have a job!" )
		return false
		if (string.sub(text, 1, 7) == "/resign") then
			RunConsoleCommand( "darkrp", "citizen" )
			return false
hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "chatCommand", chatCommand )

I’ve seen from other threads that “return false” will make it not show up, but it doesn’t work. Any help?

Read the page here:

You need to do

return ""


Thank you so much :slight_smile: I looked everywhere and never found it. Well, I guess not everywhere :slight_smile: