Chat Commands

I’ve tried a lot of the things already posted on here.

But none of them seem to work.

Can anyone please make for me or help me set up a script to add chat commands into my gamemode?

Thanks in advance.

This script should work:

[lua]ChatCommands = {} – Create the table to store the commands.

function AddChatCommand(cmd, callback)
for k,v in pairs(ChatCommands) do
if cmd == v.cmd then return end – If the command already exists then don’t add another.
table.insert(ChatCommands, {cmd = cmd, callback = callback}) – Add to the table.

function GM:PlayerSay(ply, text)
self.BaseClass:PlayerSay(ply, text)

-- Loop through the table of chat commands.
for k, v in pairs(ChatCommands) do
	if string.lower(v.cmd) == string.Explode(" ", string.lower(text))[1] then
		return v.callback(ply, "" .. string.sub(text, string.len(v.cmd) + 2, string.len(text)))


– Test the chat commands script.
function ChatCommandTest(ply, args)
return “”
AddChatCommand("/chat", ChatCommandTest)

Use the chat command “/chat <message>” to test it; it worked fine for me.

I fixed it using something I made myself, I realized what I did wrong.

But thanks, that works too!

Actually Drew post stuff like this, gets their answer, and then says he fixed it himself. I know him a little to well, he is not the type to trust.

Someone’s mad.

I used UberMench’s one from the other page.

I didn’t realize that if I was using search functions it puts HTML codes into the actual code, lol.