Chat doesnt work

Hello. My game chat doesn’t work at all. I can turn on chat but I cannot write. why? maybe I got some chat ban or its game issue? I have no idea whats going on… Any ideas? chat is very important to me.

It was already posted on forum, twice i thing, does it look like this?

yeah its same problem. sometimes if I need I can write through console, but after some time console gets bugged too. What the hell? any fix? maybe reinstall Rust? its piss me off

P.S. i have found forum page about that bug, but found no fix. Kinda soz for another post. So maybe someone know how to fix it? would appreciate help.

There is no fix for this, the need to patch that bug

I have had this issue for two weeks now and it makes the game pretty much unplayable.

not really that big an issue. how many people actually listen to anything said in chat, ie don’t KOS or avoid all people