Chat Filter - Filter words/phrases in the chatbox.

:siren:Chat Filter:siren:

Hello guys!

I got the inspiration to make this by looking at a question somewhere here on FP (I can’t remember where). They were asking how to make a chat filter script, so I thought why shouldn’t everyone have an open opportunity to something as simple as a chat filter script?

And so I create Chat Filter. The unique script with an unoriginal name. It has a nice little derma menu where you can add/remove filtered words/phrases, and if you input something incorrectly it will print a message in the error box explaining where you messed up, so make sure you look at the error box before you come back posting that there’s an error. :v:

It also uses glon to save the filtered words because that’s the “thing” right now. :smug:

Here’s a picture of the interface:

As you can see, working the menu is pretty self explanatory.

To open the Chat Filter menu you simply type “chatfilter” in your console.

Here’s the download:

Please comment and rate!

Looks nice, although I don’t see a reason to use this though. Isn’t this quite much for little kiddies who are not allowed to see “bad” words? That kind of kiddies should never enter GMod anyway.

That’s really awesome will use

You don’t necessarily have to block bad words. :smiley:

I can see where it could also be used for inside jokes and things of that nature :]

no credits for me?


I told him what ErrorNoHalt() does :smile:

Does it break chat commands or admin mods that use chat commands?

No, unless you filter the word for the command that is. :smug:

In that case you have my download.

I forgot to mention, it replaces any case of the word you want filtered. So if you put “fuck” as a filtered word, people can’t simply put “Fuck”, “FUCK”, “fUCK”, etc. They will all be blocked.


Breaking my auto-merge >:(

Breaking my [editline] automerge [/editline] automerge is old.

There was a mod a while back that use a similar idea. Nice addition to FP and GMOD!

And you want credit for that?

Only thing missing is regular expression support.

Unfortunately, that stuff confuses the hell out of me.

Here’s a picture of me trying to do regular expressions: :byodood:

They’re not that hard. It took me a while to begin understanding them, I’ve recently begun to understand them a great deal more.

$h1t I have no p3n1s.

I see nothing that stop’s the leet speakers…

I think jason2010 is a troll.