Chat Gestures

I whipped this up as a quick and dirty addon for testing. It’s an addon, so put it in the addons folder.


What this is: A way to use the new gestures on playermodels.

How to use it: Type any of the following chat commands.

List of commands:



This is the best addon ever

Not really, this is way better: [ Click ]

OK just advertise why dont you

This new “Update” Ruined a lot’s of game modes costume-chatbox… Example cider.
And when we try to /sleep, /holster. It ain’t holstering or sleeping. I don’t think Garry plays DarkRP or Cider since he ruined it…

Because Garry isn’t a small child.

As if anyone cares about Cider. Or DarkRP for that matter.

Bah, i don’t care about DarkRP.

  • But it’s still annoying the costume Chat boxes are buggy.

there needs to be a /pelvicthrust

This sounds cool, downloading

To all the people rally-disagreeing me, just note that I see through your bandwagon. Diss did it as a joke, you morans.

But it’s not the best addon ever, merely a good one

It’s an expression. Is it so hard to take a compliment?

Actually, blame Overv for this. The string.explode got borked. Not intentionally though.

Oh shit, someone should make a youtube video demonstrating the new gestures.

Kinda like,garry? :v:

Oh wow, those are amazing. Makes me wish I could trade the ability to animate in flash for the ability to animate/rig source models.

Cool, I’ll give this a test for hours :slight_smile:

Warning: Unhandled usermessage ‘PCG’


Can’t you do the new animations simply by typing “act <animname>” in console? I’m pretty sure you can.

I can understand the chat command convenience, I’m just wondering if you did it a more complicated way (I haven’t looked at the code).

This is awesome! You should add the following to your script:


timer.Simple(2, function()
if not ply:IsValid() then



I thought you had to run Freeze on the physics of the player, not the player itself.