Chat language problem.(Letter's invisible)

Hello everyone.
I’m having one problem with chat.
Russian and other cyrillic letters are not visible in a chat.
What i have done wrong?

We’re gonna need a little bit more info than “some letters are invisible”. Are you using a custom chatbox or the default one? If you’re using a custom one it’s probably the font you’re using doesn’t support the cyrillic alphabet.

I’m using default chatbox.

Try the dev branch

I also forgot to say that i’m using default chat with gamemode called “Bug Boys”.
This gamemode has no support for this time.
(P.s sorry for my bad english)

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but my question is how to add support of russian or ukrainian alphabet to chat or addon?

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sry guys, i found a problem, it’s a my linux distro.
sorry again

As I said on the workshop and in the other thread the gamemode uses the default chat box, so unless gmod doesn’t support that by default, which I’m sure it does it should work.
Unless I am missing something.

Edit: He edited his post when I made this.