Hi all,

I have been working on mods for LeatherLoader

I purchased my own server and started making some mods on it, it then became popular and now i don’t want to disrupt them by restarting it to test my mod changes all the time. I’m in need of a new server for development purposes! if someone wants to buy/lend me theirs that would be great.

Anyway CHAT++ Mod! anyone else sick of having no chat history? or wants private messages working? i’m going to release my mods split up so people can use what they want.

How it works? any player can type /history in chat, and it will display the last 5 messages that you missed! simple and effective.

/pm “Player” “message goes here” coming shortly.

this mod will be released today, just need to make a few changes. WATCH THIS SPACE. if you have any other requests that have to do with the chat system, feel free to ask and i may implement them. If you want an example in the mean time on chat history: net.connect

How did you run furnace against a hosted server?

download the hosted serverData file, run the exe on your local computer and ‘cook’ it, transfer it back.

Ah, I’m not sure my provider even gives me access to that file.

PM’d you xEnt22, I can provide some test space for you. PM includes ways to contact me.

big thanks to BMRFMULTIBEAR for providing me with a test server, will speed up development a lot!

hey xen. are you planning on a Notice/MOTD when people join/login to a server?

sure am, in a separate mod