Chat not working on ttt server

So for some reason the chat is not working on my ttt server. The voice chat works and you can pm but you cant chat. I made sure every1 is not muted and its still doing it. Anyone know what i can do to fix it?

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This isn’t addon-support / game-mode support forum unfortunately. This forum is for devs to ask for and give help to people creating Lua works which means that if you’re working on coding something and are stuck, or receiving an error, you’d post what code you have so far and we help push you further forward.

What addons are you running, did you add any new addons before this happened or has it always been like this?

If you have ULX, I’d recommend disabling that and seeing if chat works. You can also type find X on the server such as find chat, and see if any convars come up that may have something to do with disabling chat.

it just started doing it today. I tried restarting the server but that didnt fix it. I didnt add anything new sense it happened either and yes i do have ulx

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nvm i fixed it. 1 of my super admins turned the chat spam time to 500