Chat Spam causes server wide lag (issues & bugs)

Like the title says, people can easilty spam 10-20 messages and completely lock up everyone on the server. This has been happening on 3 servers so far today while playing. Mostly spamming korean characters but english works too.

Seems like a pretty big deal as more and more people start doing this.

Edit: it is getting much worse and is happening on most all of the community servers I join:

To everyone in this thread that has completely dismissed this problem you are entitled to your opinion allthough I would like a more technical explanation other than “LOL noob you think chat will lag the server”

The fact is some people have figured out how to spam the chat very quickly and every time they do it the server locks up briefly. I have never been met with such scorn from a gaming community, I think this reflects the majority of players too, most of you are dicks. If you don’t have some kind of insight into the problem just don’t post at all. I am trying to be helpful here.

If you look at almost any thread on the first page you’ll see why the servers have been locking up. There has been an ongoing DDoS attack.

You are pretty silly if you are thinking does couple of bytes make this laggs.

Server wide lag because of messages?
You would have to spam much more than 10-20 messages (each second?) to cause a serious lag…much much more…

OP is not referring to the DDoS attacks. What he’s talking about is people who have a chat macro that spams pages of text into chat and truly does cause everyone on the server to lag for a couple seconds and in some cases even freeze and require a restart. It absolutely happens and I’ve seen this before as well. It’s really annoying and needs to be fixed since every 12 year old who figures out how to do it, logs in and pisses the entire server off for an hour until they’re bored, kicked, banned, whatever.

So please, stop dismissing what he has to say, because it’s an absolutely real issue that causes everyone to experience a brief hickup and in some cases, it freezes them in place, which of course leaves your character open to be attacked by NPC’s and players who recovered faster than you.

Obviously I am right. Had the same problem, changed resolution worked for me.

Hopefully it is as simple a fix as that.

It shouldnt posted here, my bad, so many tabs opened; o

No this is seperate, it is tied to people spamming chat. They will send a page or two of messages and everyone on the server will lock up completely.

I know what you’re talking about OP, so no worries about these peeps who misunderstand. It really is an annoying exploit, it’s just bored kids who know how to use a macro.

Caps are one of the biggest problems ever…I hate caps…They should DDOS the capslock. e.e

Do you know how many values is changing while you are playing. Dont think that chat spamm could even delayed the server.

Listen people I get it, it should not be happening but the fact is it is happening and it is chat spam. Don’t believe me join a server and spam the chat.

If their net library is capable of holding several hundred player, I’m pretty confident no amount of chat spam is going to cause much if any lag what so ever.

You can’t even go into the chat menu too fast after typing something, if I press ‘T’ right after pressing enter for the message before, it opens the chat and then closes it instantly. So macros would still have a ‘speed limit’ that could never reach the speed necessary to cause the server to even quiver.

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Plus, in the big, always full servers, people are constantly spamming chat with nonsense. They would go offline all the time just for that.

You guys are so confident yet you’re talking out of your asses. I’ve been playing when this has happened and every single person on the server was effected to the point that people would rally to report the person responsible. People would freeze, have to restart, and come back cursing up a storm at the person who would spam the chat macros.

Climb down off your high horses and realize there is an issue that OP, I and many others have experienced.

I wouldn’t exactly say they’re talking out of their asses, it just sounds extremely unlikely.
You’re not going to convince them by just insisting that it’s true, a video of it would be more likely to convince them.
You make it seem like it occurs a lot, so it can’t be that hard to get a video of it, and if you don’t have a video recording software use Open Broadcasting Software… it’s free.

I recorded a macro of typing “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy doge” and played it back in multiple servers very quickly and none crashed.

Why act like this is an argument? There is no debate, OP was simply trying to bring this to light, not make a claim about something he thought happened. This happens, often or not, and until it becomes a bigger issue it will remain in the dark. It is talking out of your ass to immediately assume someone is wrong based on nothing more than your own intuition. It’s called assuming and as the saying goes, when you assume you make an ass out of you and me.

So instead of this being a helpful thread, forum kiddies turned it into an argument based on, “Nuh uh, you’re wrong!”

I’m surprised OP even posted this issue because I have only had it happen to me once on US Central 3 a week or so ago. I, along with the rest of the server’s population, was twice frozen in place for a couple seconds and the third time I was frozen until I force closed the game and restarted it. Never did I say it occurs a lot, which is another assumption on your part, again making an ass out of both of us. looks like this has been confirmed and is being worked on