Chat spam prevention and moderation

I have two requests.

  1. Implement some sort of spam prevention for the chat. Very often on London I, but I imagine also on other servers, there are people copy pasting the same message for 10 minutes, making impossible to discuss. The system should check for identical messages (example the same message 5 times in less than 30 seconds) and kick the person spamming. A ban for repeated spam will also be good.

  2. Ban some of the users which are harassing people in the chat. There is in particular one person ( ) on London I which is posting porn link, is using very foul language sexually oriented and disgusting in most cases. He does that regularly every day. A moderator banning those “regulars” will be very welcome to improve the gaming experience of everyone in the server.


Play on a community server if you want this kind of moderation.

Thanks for the suggestion, but my request is related to Official Servers.

I think chat spam should be applied to all servers and bans the person for a while. its very annoying people that spam in chat everyday