Chat Tags ( Custom )

[release]I know there is already a “Chat Tags” addon, and that’s what inspired me to do this, and this looks very similar to that, but I typed out every word in this addon. I didn’t Copy & Paste anything.

This addon adds tags to Super Admins “(Admin)”, and Admins “(Mod)” and they change color.
It also adds a (Guest) tag that is colored with a shade of green, but it does not flash. It is for any player that is under “Admin”.[/release]

Flash description: The tags (Admin+) technically are always flashing, but it doesn’t display like that on the chatbox. Say a tag is flashing, and it is supposed to go from Red to Black. Say the color of “Red” is at a value of like “155” (Dark red), it will appear as a Dark red color. Say it is at 0 - 25-ish (Black), it will appear black. Say it is around 255 ( Light red ), it will appear as a red color. This goes for any tag that is meant to flash, at any pre-set color.

(Admin) - Flashes from Red to Black (Doesn’t flash on chatbox, displays in picture.)
(Mod) - Flashes from Blue to Black (Doesn’t flash on chatbox, displays in picture.)
(Guest) - Regular tag, colored with a shade of green.


[release]V1.1 - Added Time Tags[/release]

[release]v1.2 - No Flash

-Removed flashing tags.
-Tags are now one solid color.[/release]

[release]v1.3 - ASS_Mod Tags

Changed the tag system,
Tags now place for the ranks of ass mod.
Describes in picture.[/release]

Nice, but we already have these and we can make it our self, if you know how to code lua ofc.

Thanks for the boxes :science:

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It’s for people who can’t code. I see that “Troll” thing btw :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated. Added Time Tags

It’s okay.

Nicely done! Maybe you could add some small settings, such as turning off the flashy, or change the colours. Also maybe in the future to add tags/remove tags trough a menu and make it easy to e.g. connect a tag to a ULX/ASSmod/Evolve/etc group?

Impressive! Really nice job.
@Cubar: Uh… wasn’t it you saying to not quote the entire thread? +

Mastermind, I can make it add tags to ranks using assmod, I don’t know how to do ulx or that other one though. And I’ll release another without flashing.




-Removed flashing tags.
-Tags are now one solid color.


Currently updating for ASS Mod.


Updated again.

v1.3 - ASS_Mod Tags

Changed the tag system,
Tags now place for the ranks of ass mod.

You can add support with ply:EV_IsAdmin(), ply:EV_IsSuperAdmin() and ply:EV_IsOwner().

What is this evolve mod anyways? lol


Nvm, I found it, downloaded it, and i’m checking it out now. i’ll make a tag system for it later.

Yeah Emperus used the evolve admin mode and claimed he made it for Liquid game i got source if you need it :slight_smile:

I know it’s a bit late and dumb. But is this mod for assmod, or can i use it with Exsto?

The first two should be compatible with Exsto, since they just check if the player is Admin/Superadmin or not.

Exsto has built in rank colours if you enable it.

this has bugs D:
on RP server it displays the message twice. one with the tag, one without
doesnt flash, just picks a random colour in-between black and whatever it is.

Ok im trying get my chat tags to work only with your steamid. Can anyone help me with this for my server.

[lua]if ply:SteamID() == “steamid” then
stuff goes here

by the way, in my chat tags scripts, the tabbing is horrible if anybody hasn’t noticed, when I made the addons i didn’t really know how to tab, but I do now :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok how do i change the time stamp color and keep chat message color white?
the above code is what i have but the whole chat text and time stamp is one color.


table.insert( tab, Color( 255, 255, 255 ) ) – white for text
table.insert( tab, ": “…strText )
table.insert( tab, Color( 255, 0, 0 ) ) – red or something else for timestamp
table.insert( tab, " | %a, %I:” ) )
table.insert( tab, “%M:” ) )
table.insert( tab, “%S %p” ) )
chat.AddText( unpack(tab) )

ahh cool TY