Chat-Tags GMOD Addon relase

Puts whatever group you are in (ULX ADMIN) by your name.
Put the two LUA files inside the client folder.
I’ll take a screenshot in a sec I’m loading my server

Located in: LUA > Autorun > Client drag the files in.


[Admin] ashpokeman5

(FIXED LINK) Download:
Virustotal Scan:

(currently none)

(User was permabanned for this post ("Hasn't learned, plagiarised code, posted an ad-link" - Megafan))

Uh, why does this just link to an ad site that leads to an MP3?

the download is an mp3 file…

Oh wait let me fix the link

THERE i fixed the link thanks or saying i didnt realise that acident woops

should work now, tell me if theres any more problems

Isn’t ad linking was not allowed?

Also both links lead to virus total (which is useless on lua)

fixed again…
hey, i saw no rule against this, plus, it links to the addon i usaly sell this, it gives me a cent when u go to the download, which basicly says u paid for it ;p

Don’t use ad links, those can get you banned.

i did not see a rule against them… be glad i released this
edit: links r fixed tested them myself, going to go to my server to screenshot this to prove its working now

(Thanks Mors)

if you dont want this chattag then thats fine with me, edit: links r fixed tested them myself, going to go to my server to screenshot this to prove its working now

Wow this is funny, this guy stole the work of a guy who stole the work of my friend, and he’s even trying to gain money off it!

read about it

Just link them directly to the download, why do you care so much about 2 cents.

This addon won’t work, in your sv_tag.lua, you put

AddCSLuaFile( "cl_chat_tags.lua"  )

when the file is called cl_tag.lua. Not to mention that it’s obvious this isn’t your work since you mismatched comments (// and --) to credit yourself.

users shouldn’t download this anyway, it’s completely stolen from

I want a little money out of this :stuck_out_tongue:

the // comments are from the other guy who stole tyguy’s work.

so the two guys using ‘–’ (this thread) and ‘//’ (client side apple) stole it off this guy

Code its the other Lu’s file

Hey, isn’t it funny how your code matches this?;wap2

That guy in the link stole it off

So this guy stole it off the guy in the link you posted, and the guy in the link that you posted stole it off

john gtfo this fourm is for “addon and releases”