Chat Tags (simple, easy, configurable)

** A simple, easy to use addon that adds your rank before your name.**


    • Easy to use, configurable
      • Set your chat colors (if usergroup is true)
      • Add more chat tags easily

How to use
*Install it to your addons, add as many chat tags you want, restart your server. If you are the correct usergroup, you will be tagged.
If you are tagged, set your chat text color with chat_tags_color_r, chat_tags_color_g, chat_tags_color_b and chat_tags_color_g.

Without Team Prefix: (I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS) (** Type in team chat and it won’t add the (TEAM) before your name**)
With Team Prefix: (OLD, get v2.0 below) (** Type in team chat and it will add the (TEAM) before your name!)
** Recommended: Get this if you want to use the Team Prefix, it is the latest update!

** Recommended Workshop: **

If you don’t know what to get, get this one: or
And place it in your addons!

** If you are already using it with/without Team Prefix, but want to change, delete the original and redownload the prefix you want!**
** Recommended:** * Sandbox/TTT*

** Servers that use it (as far as I know): - TTT**

Do these work for TTT?

I have chat tags that flash on my server, so I dont need these. But there is always a lot of people asking for these. So i thank you xD


Great, Thanks for this. Just testing on my side to see. Will re-post back.

Ive got my own custom script. Anything better about these? Mine uses ulx groups to define who gets tags. Does yours allow seperate chat tags for each user?

Edit** These don’t work on TTT :frowning:

{“admin”, "[ADMIN] ", Color(0, 0, 255, 255) },
{“superadmin”, "[SUPERADMIN] ", Color(255, 0, 0, 255) },
{“owner”, "[OWNER] ", Color(0, 255, 0, 255) }
You add more to the table. It works with ULX too.

What do you mean? I tested it on TTT myself and it works fine? Besides the (TEAM) part (which i’ll be working on a fix)

I don’t have the tags on name

you have to be one of the ranks in the table to have the tags

I am, Are they using ulx?

not sure if it works on Evolve, never tried. it detects the usergroup, so if Evolve uses that, it will work.
Can you send me a screenshot? Make sure you put it in the right place

I’m currently using ULX, nothing is showing in the chat on TTT just the regular one.

Are you one of those usergroups? admin, superadmin or owner? that’s what it checks for by default.

Also, I just coded the team prefix. Get the one with the team prefix if you want:

** You need to remove the old one if you want to use the team prefix**

this is a great addon to my server thank you tyguy for making this :slight_smile: 10/10 for this :slight_smile:

Is this fixed so that spectators cant write to people alive?
That has been the problem with all “chat tags” releases


In TTT, it is fixed

[editline]4th February 2013[/editline]

Update released for Team Prefix. It now works on TTT (using team, it’ll say (TEAM) before your name)
** I highly recommend you get the one above!**

Seems to be working great!
Easy to configure and install.
Thank you for this :slight_smile: