Chat Tags (Simple)

Hello everyone. I have been attempting to create chat tags with LUA Scripting.
However, I don’t know how -.-
I can understand it, but I don’t know how to create new tags.
I was wondering if anyone could help myself and future viewers out?
It would be extremely appreciated if you could do these 4 custom tags for me.

If you are not here to help but merely just to flame, please carry along and it would be appreciated if you wouldnt post something similar to

But then again… I can’t/won’t stop you. Oh well.
Thank you for your time (:

Edit: Fuck me, wrong forum. Please move? lol.


Yes thank you I know about this code already. I don’t know how to add more than just Mod, SuperAdmin and Admin. I want custom ones like VIP and owner.


EDIT: The simple code in there doesn’t have support for custom tags, though.

One that supports custom tags/colors that may be easier for him to edit: here.

Assuming another mod adds those usergroups.

Sweet, Thanks alot xD