Chat Titles

Just a single script, which allows you to set titles for the players.

:siren: “Database” based on “save/load profile” code from Infected Wars, so all credits for this database to ClavusElite. :siren:


How to set the title
Type in console:

settitle "nickname here" "title here"


settitle "MingeBag" "This is the title"

How to change the title’s color
Type in console:

settitlecolor "nickname" 255 0 0

(or 255 100 255 as you want)

How to remove a title

settitle "nickname" "false"

:siren: Download :siren:

This looks great, Downloading :smiley:


Nice, was waiting for this.

There’s one thing I don’t understand. Why did you use chat.AddText for the chat messages, yet continue to use the ugly blue style general message?

I got the correct colors using print screen + paint.

DEAD = 255, 24, 35
(TEAM) = 24, 161, 35

By the way, the correct colors are 255, 30, 40 for DEAD and 30, 160, 40 for TEAM


Then paint was wrong :open_mouth:

I think this mod is breaking my server, it shows double chat,

doesnt work for me :S, typed aeverything in the console, Ass Rcon.

MS Paint

Doesn’t work for me either, settitle returns no error/reply, so I just ditched it in favor of something else :S

My friend coded something like this for his sandbox server for the admins and it was flashy text, can you do that?

Oh you must mean that thing that Darkland made a while ago.

No I mean YOUR sandbox server. ON Gaming, that community you made that lasted for like a week because you never put any effort into it?