Chatbox text so big

Hello, on one server the text in the chatbox is so big does anyone know how to fix that?


Looks like a problem with their code and not your client. Only way to fix it would be to notify the server of this and hope that it isn’t a “feature”.

I think they are using HatsChat2? Click on the settings icon, you probably could change the font / size.

Where are the settings? And james is there no way to deactivate that in the gmod files?

Click on the icon above the shield icon to open the settings.

Edit: This icon

For the first question, see user above (as I have no idea which addon this is, I can’t really comment on how to change the settings therein). For the second question, you can’t stop addons from downloading from a server (well, you can stop downloading everything from a server but that will make you unable to play on the server in any meaningful way).