hello, i’m searching for a lua coder that could code me a chatbox simular to the gamemodes in sassilization community use they get pretty needo for people that don’t belive people they are admins … i know dumb people right ? but with tags that i can create my self and like maybe if hes in the superadmin group he gets a green sAdmin tag and admins get blue Admin tag and plats get platinum tag just sorted by groups and easy to add many as you want !

im ready to pay a fair amount of money for it !

give me a PM if you are willing to help !

Would also be cool if you would let me know thru here.

I’m offering you some good deal you should think about it you will get a special rank on forums and website and money irl…

btw im working on my website right now you can take a look and tell me if ur intrested its just a start tho :smiley:


btw my post counts are so low cause i changed my name long time ago and didnt use the account…

how much, money, are we talkin about…


I sent him a PM ages ago and he still hasnt replied.

Tell me how much money you are offering and I’ll probably consider it (Depending on the amount of money)

hey im so sorry for the delay i was at my summerhouse for a vacation we are talking about good amount add me on steam my name is gotskilz4u on there ill add you when i get my computer back today or tomorrow bluescreen probloms :S, so yea sorry for the big delay lol cya tomorrow or today xD


whats an averge amount 20 dollars ?
if thats now averge then talk to me on steam i dont like talking about money in public lol…

oh and i forgot to mention its not gonna be released if you coders are worried about that lol

flapjack can you add me on steam please ?

I’d code it too, just PM me here with exact details.

thanks i pm’d you.

I can also do this for a fair amount of money, PM me if you haven’t done a deal with The-Stone yet.

Sorry but i got 2 coders working on it.