I made a command that I want to draw text right under the chatbox like !whip <player> <amount> <damage>. So I was wondering if there is a way to find the position of the chatbox so I can make a vector to make it go down under it?


I got it working as well as the way I wasn’t hoping to have to do, thanks anyways gusy.

Look at Evolve

[lua]Vector(0,ScrH()*someconstant) --someconstant would be something like .9 I’m guessing[/lua]

This would probably work. I’m not sure if the chatbox’s size and position are proportional to screen resolution, but if it is then this should.

I was hoping for something more direct, but I can play with that. I have used that before in my custom hud so I know how to use it.

Why would you use a Vector for screen position? da fuck

Just use trial an error to figure it out.

Try drawing a box at like ScrH()-200 or something and go from there.

ScrH()*0.827 works perfectly :slight_smile:



This is what you’d want.

ARGH!!! Now I’m too lazy to re set it… I think I’m going to stay with what I have atm, but thanks though! I will use it if I decide to redo it. :slight_smile:

It would probably be best to redo it using GetChatBoxPos() so that your addon is universal