Chatizzle! [Make your chat 200% more gangster!]

So I saw this TTT Language pack, and instantly got this idea.
It’s all clientside, so it will break OOC chat tags for darkrp (You will see OOC Just wont have the (OOC) stuff) [sp] As I can’t be bothered to add that, This probably is only really good on sandbox[/sp]
But yeah, this just makes the chat way more gangster!

It can also be toggled by typing chatizzle_enabled [1/0] in console!

Download here!

(All translations from Gizoogle)

Please make this force-on for people in the gangster job

Added in Version 2 :v:

please post some screenshots

for some reason they are not visible for me :disgust:

Darkrp compatible version please, (won’t break ooc.)