cheap and good server hosting Gaming Delux

Gaming Deluxe is a very good server hosting companny with awesome support,
its cheap, and good.
they host garrysmod servers as well,

they host in the UK but overal ping is nice.

you can test your ping on this server: ( -=fh=- TTT Server )

you can buy a server here:


Nice referral link :slight_smile:

:wink: helps me aswell so ya,
doesn’t really matter though you can also just go to gaming deluxe trough google, but this doesn’t hurt you when buying a server, and it helps me to get some extra slot’s :slight_smile:

besides i advertise in my server motd with out that link as well "this server is hosted by Gaming Deluxe in the U.K.

i don’t force people to use that link

Why does norton say the site is unsafe?

It could be a false threat, but please explain before anyone else goes there…:

Security Risks:
Threats found: 1

Threat Name: SecurityRisk.Aports

Edit: Read below

hurrr norton says its a virus so it must be true!

As I said, it could be a false threat, but its worth checking it out right?

its a legal companny no virusses on that website, i dont own that website its one of the greatest server hosters in the uk they have bought parts of cybernetic and they just took over another part of a other companny aswell,

google for gaming deluxe in the uk and youll se its record,

maybe norton gives an warning , mcaffee does not, ill look into this and il ask Smith, steven one of the workers there what this might be, i know him he works there,

give me a few minutes, please no one click the link as he said, i will first get the explaination .


ok i found the threat u were stating, its a tool download in :

“aports.exe” is the threat, this is a harmless program.

the website is safe, if u dont trust this download, you dont need it anyway, then dont download it,

problem solved.

it already showed that in the link you’ve send me, it shows the location of the problem. problem is in the download/tools area.


Beveiligingsrisico’s (wat is dit?)
Gevonden bedreigingen: 1
Hier volgt een volledige lijst: (voor meer informatie over een specifieke bedreiging klikt u op de onderstaande bedreigingsnaam.)

Naam van bedreiging(name of threat): SecurityRisk.Aports
Locatie ( location):

( its an “active ports” chek, you are not even able to run it on your pc, so don’t worry if you exedently download it)

  • sorry for this

No actually.

Norton gives warnings to every site, like 99% of them are false :wink:


Mmmm…Perhaps thats why your computer boot time is longer than 120 seconds ^.^

But you use Norton, your opinion on what somebody else has on their PC is meaningless.

Where are the servers located in the UK? Somewhere in the middle like Manchester?


for all of you who are still talkin about the Thread by norton, just read my explaination. or prove otherwice.

I gave no opinion on what anyone else had on thier PC. Your reply is meaningless.

Besides, the reason I have norton is because it came free with my computer for a year.
Of course after which, I will be converting to your amazing, awe inspiring anti virus, which you use to do the exact same job as mine… -_-

And in reply to the OP I have put my life at risk and scanned the threat with said all high and mighty anti virus, to which it gave a smiliar alert. That was a freeware one though, and il be testing it out on another one later.

OP is stupid^imbreeding

look guys, coem with prove to undermine my explenation & prove that this isnt a thread at all, or get back on topic or just remove your replys because this is not what this topic is about,

-Removed read below-

it says 1000Fps , but people seem to think the bigger number , the better. I actually found that on my server people prefered the100 fps than the 840.

Server performance has dick to do with fps and all that fancy shit.

At 100fps it’s smoothly enough for anyone, as long as the clients are using the right settings.

Then after that, it all has to do with how overloaded the server is, the server’s network and the quality of the connection from it to you.

dude look at my explenation, then start fooling around with other anti virusses. this is prove enough to say its NOT a thread to VISIT the website,
if u dont TRUST that download then DONT go to the DOWNLOADS > TOOLS Sections.


then again, i mean testing connection by PING,

on fps performance is up to the clients pc as well,
the server allowes the best fps, but no one will se a difference by this fps load or just a 50 fps loads, human eyes can se from 35 - 40 fps maximum, anything abouve you will probely not even notice.

excuse my bad english

chek for ping, connections, differend countrys,
Germanny, poland, sweden, The Netherlands, England, france, spain, Croatia, been tested and been known of a <150 ping. depending on internet connection of client,

usa users joined had a ping of 100 / <200
considering its on the other end of the ocean, it aint so bad, no lagg.