Cheap and Reliable Server Hosting Available

Hello, I would like to talk about Radon Server hosting. We have great servers, support, mods, add-ons, and great prices. First off, Radon Servers was formed from people who have worked at other hosting company’s, we know what the players want (sadly the company’s we worked for didn’t provide) so we came together to make this happen. We currently have two locations: Chicago, Illinois and Dallas, Texas.

A Garry’s Mod server is 0.90 per-slot, so a 20 slot server (for example) would be only $18.00 a month. We will also provide you with upgraded RAM if needed. All mods and addons will be installed for free, if not already on our large list of SVN addons. We can even help you switch over from your current hoster. Here is the information on our Machines:

  • Intel Dual Xeon 5640 (8 Cores)

  • 12GB DDR3 RAM

  • 1gb/s Uplink Connection

Our Network:

  • Located in DataBank in Dallas, TX

  • Chicago servers in ColoCrossing

  • 1gb/s Uplink Connection

  • Cisco Guard Firewall

Thanks for reading this post! If you have any questions about us or our services, please don’t not hesitate to contact me at:
Skype: catfish0221
Steam: catfish9934
or to purchase. Thanks again!
I wouldn’t recommend contacting me via PM on this site, I don’t check it very often.

Only a week ago, you were running a DarkRP server.
Two months ago, you were asking how to make DarkRP jobs. (1) (2)

How would I be able to trust someone to host my server if they can’t even keep their own going?

I remember you doing this with someone else, and it seems you have succeeded once again

In the above thread, the owner of Radon Servers asks for help with server rates.

** know sv_minrate and sv_maxrate are something to do with it so I need help with those.**

He shows a significant lack of knowledge in SRCDS and any support there would likely be useless.


Upon calling the number listed on that whois, I got the voicemail of some kid that sounded like he was thirteen.

I definitely would not recommend Radon Servers to anyone.

For one, you are watching my posts? Second, my server is doing fine but thanks for your concern.

Just asking for a bit of advice on the post since the source engine has changed. And yes, I do know a lot about SRCDS. And that was not me in the call.

To anyone questioning: Try our 3 day free trial and you will not be disappointed. I can assure you.

Support has improved greatly and we respond to support tickets fast. Just give us a shot, use the trial.


If that wasn’t you then why did he say Zack? I think it is highly unlikely you have a brother named Zack.

Am I right?

The 96 at the end of his email is most likely his birthdate.

“my sista is a hooka and im gonna sell her service”

i was laughing my ass of

I like the site layout lol

What does the age matter when you misspelled Jason? Most likely your name.

Someone’s username doesn’t have to be their first name, and some people will craft their usernames based on their own names.

I mean, I managed to turn Alex into Xeloras, Jason into Jasun isn’t that big of a change.

Son… We can get you help :downs:

This is ran by that zach guy from madservers

Look kids you are 14, just go outside and play soccer and shit, why on earth would you want to get in the GSP business at such young age, I don’t understand you.

Because you’re 14 and you think you can run a decent hosting website.

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btw site’s down - might wanna get that checked

He doesn’t run radon servers. That would be ZackH.