Cheap Dedicated boxes

I need a good box to be able to host my PERP2 server and it needs to be cheap but good I’m going to be hosting my site on it as well anyone want to help me out?

Thinking of hosting 3 servers on it.
Lite RP
Serious RP
Fretta(Ideas being drawn out for it.)
some others…
OK I’ve now got $150 any good servers for this amount.
Needs to have a Intel® Core™2 Quad processor.
4gb ram at least or more.
Enough traffic for a Website, FastDL, 3 or more servers 1 with 50 slots one with 40 slots and 1 maybe with 24 or less and the other I don’t know yet. has some nice, cheap boxes, most of them are around $100 a month, but it’s a lo9t cheaper than other places. Another place is They are relatively cheap.

Max I"m going to be able to pay from $40-$60 I can’t currently afford $100


What are the ratings on

You ain’t gonna get a good box for 40-60$.

That first one will do what you need it to.(As long as you upgrade the port speed to 100mbps)
I use serverbeach, they can be trusted.

You will not be able to get a dedicated server at that price range for what you are looking for - even if you found a dedicated for that cheap the bandwidth is likely 1.5TB-2.0TB. This will not cover the amount of servers and slots you are looking for and when you hit the limit you will start getting overages - sometimes they are as expensive as $5 a GB in some places.

Right now your LiteRP server is 50 slots and your serious is 40 correct? based on that alone…

90x35 = 3 Megabytes a second. (90 slots, 35KB/s)

3 Megabytes a second for thirty days is 7.5TB per month. Now even assuming you only have 30 slots active the majority of the time that is still 2.5TB per month.

This does not cover fastdl, which will likely use around 400GB a month considering you are hosting perp which requires around a thousand things on initial join.

And even if you find a really good deal with 4TB a month, the CPU on a dedicated server that cheap will not be able to keep up with the demand.

Your budget should be around $135+ a month before even considering a dedicated server.

try (its in french)

30 euros per month, 60 euro setup fee for first time if you dont pay the whole year at once.

I do not recommand them at all, they have constant switch and hard disk crashes, their DNS server is almost always down, they come to your server and disable your firewall if you didn’t open their “ping” port (sure, they need a port for ping), and now they even move your server to another datacenter and ask 80 euros for that, when you didn’t ask for anything.

I think I’ll hold off for a while.

Added shitz to op.

Hosting can be slightly better and they can adjust the IP addresses so they are lined up. Its also cheaper and you get free support.


From my experience a dule xeon can’t handle 30 full slots, so I don’t see how you expect todo so on such a tight budget also. The least you would need is a Quad2Core, I recommend for a tight budget a Q6600 or a Q8300. The least you can expect to pay is $100 - $120 depending on what datacenter you try, I suggest

Enough bandwidth to get you by, and pretty cheap compared to softlayer.
This is an image of the server I think I’m going to get when I get the money.
Total after price $145.00 also you can select up to 6 ip’s i did doesn’t cost extra.

3TB/month probably wont be enough

It wont be enough, bfking just doesn’t know what hes doing.

Also since the price is basically limestones… why not just go limestone?

I won’t be using my dedicated server for fastdl so doesn’t that count off?

150GB-300GB, yes. You will still go over 3TB a month for what you are planning.

Check their ToS for overage fees.

OK I’m looking for a dedicated server in Atlanta, ga though not Dallas.


And their servers are in flordia.