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Hello Gamers,

Have you ever been looking to buy a Garry’s Mod server that offers everything for an affordable monthly price? Well you have come to the right place, we offer cheap and affordable Minecraft, Garry’s Mod and CSS servers that cater for all of your needs. We include top service, creating and running a server has never been so easy until now. We offer an instant setup in under 5 minutes, low server ping, DDoS protection, server customization options and 24/7 support even on Christmas Day. Do you struggle with coding and all that stressful hard work that comes with making a server? Well your in luck here at we offer a service that allows our team to edit and make your server the way you want it to be this can be from making custom Garry’s Mod servers to editing and making ranks on your Minecraft server, we have everything that your require.

Here are some of our clients comments:

Crazy Wolf:
When I first got my Garry’s mod server I didn’t know how to edit it but Ryan and Lee at Flux servers made sure that my server was to top standered. I even made some money off selling VIP on my DarkRP server. Would recommend these to anyone.

Top job and treats you like a real person.

Cameron Williamson
FluxServers is a good and friendly server host and web making, they helped me out with alot of stuff that most people would not, i do recommend them to all of my friends because they are honest and understanding to communicate with while helping you with problems.

Our Customer Guarantee…

  • 3 Day money back guarantee.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Automatic billing and setup
  • DDoS Protection
  • Low Ping
  • Customization Options
  • Free Voice Server

Our Website -

We recommend that you try us today. What do you have to lose?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Ryan Carter, CEO of Flux-Server co

This is a reseller of SimplyFrag, who uses OVH. The website is using their name servers and the test IP provided on live chat has contact info for SimplyFrag.

Apparently they can also block up to 4000Gbps worth of attacks, and even at 0.35 cents a Mbps that would still be ~$1.4M per month in bandwidth costs alone.

Just a heads up for everyone.

Little bit wrong there.

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What part?

darksoul69 Seems little dicky seeming that you own Elpishost dosen’t it

EDIT: Trying to raise yourself above others…

Stop trying to raise yourself above others. No one likes a bighead.

Don’t be confused. I’m not posting here to advertise my host or bash yours. I’m just letting people know the facts so they can make a informed decision before buying from your host. I certainly don’t feel that I’m above you in any way, shape or form.

nice use of an alt

Actually they can do much more than that, however only certain types and have no control over the detection and mitigation.

OVH standard on all there services. Unless there on a shared system, which isn’t actually bad for the price if you know what you’re doing with rules.

Actually, no. OVH provides up to 480Gbps protection (60GB/s). It’s also split across three datacenters, so they really only have 160Gbps per DC.

Are you just here to advertise?

Go away.

Does anyone believe that’s an actual testimonial? Anytime I see that on a host’s website I think whoever runs it is a lying fuck.

makes the hosting look great when you try to bash other people with alts

I was looking into Kimsufi the other week and read some random crap about them filtering down the line in the multiple TB, but it was all crap from what I remember.

The Kimsufi range are great for cost, beyond that I would hesitate.

If you’re looking in to them specifically for DDoS protection, they haven’t really got it configured well to the extent they’re tinkering with it on a daily basis and keep accidentally blocking their own traffic :v:

Yea, this was for a friend who needed something simple with a lot of ram. FTB minecraft server I believe.

I’m a customer with OVH, their network is pretty good, and once you get set up you’ll be pretty happy with the server, but as soon as something breaks it’s the end of the world. Their customer support is absolutely horrible. They will even go as far as to replace a hard-drive without your consent. And then; the DDoS protection, one can clearly tell it’s far from done, at the moment it’s still blocking legit traffic. Hell, I host a gameserver on it and whenever I turn it on it blocks half of my players from joining in the first place! It seems to really hate people from Sweden too, for some reason. All in all it’s just not worth it.