Cheap good graphics card to run gmod10 smoothly

I found one that might run well on my computer.
*eVGA e-GeForce FX 5200 Graphics adapter - 128 MB - DDR SDRAM

Um, it might do fine if you run the game on low detail I guess, but what exactly are you asking? All you did was state what you found. :confused:

Please alleviate if I haven’t already answered your question.

A 960 samsung chip set family I think? And 2 gb of ram.

well… actually i have that graphic card,
it works quite fine, but, it’s not good if you want to play gmod, the colormod shader works but it lags like hell (6-15fps)
one of the shaders didn’t work at all (totally white screen),
luckily there only wery wery wery wery few servers what use that shader
but else the game runs great on this videocard, but i would advise you to buy a better one

It’s perfect for games such as Counter strike source or any hl2 game (hav orange box) ain’t quite sure about others what run on hl2 engine))

The Stargate addon worked but if the -dxlevel was over 7 then the active stargate (blue part) was totally black, also on the laser 2.0 addon, where the mirrors are black, but not wery annoing
but if on -dxlevel 7 the blood was red boxlike hollow squares (wireframe of a box)

if you have money i TOTALLY ADVISE A BETTER ONE!!!
Hope i helped u considering your purchase