CHEAP Rust host needed! $15 or below please!

Hey folks!
I need a good rust host that is $15 month or below. Under $15 would be FAB! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ik im kinda cheap but i cant afford much higher… :confused:
Let me add that this would be a private server, for me and my friends only. So 5-10 slots is OK.

Lol I don’t think you are ever going to find one that cheap…

A server that cheap wouldn’t even be worth having. The performance issues would be horrible because the company would be placing too many “virtual servers” onto one physical server in order to compensate for the lower price.

The only way I could see a cheaper server being viable is if it was 5-10 slots and meant for testing plugins before making changes to an actual server that loads of people play on.

go email HFB, ask for Rust 1 player slot only with DDoS protection.

Is this a troll? Or serious? rofl

Thanks guys, i guess.

why would HFB reject that if you’re willing to offer 15usd for that? maybe 10usd. just 1 slot for people like silverblade11

At least 5 :confused:

sure thing, 5usd rust server with no player slot.

:confused: btw just emailed em and they said they can hook me up with a 5-10 player slot and under $10. BOOM!

grats :stuck_out_tongue: . btw remove that N word.

HFB is only $20… that’s the cheapest you’re going to get.

How about gary finally releases the server files for mortals?

you can get a 10 slot for 8.99 a month if you email them.

Thanks, will do :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well i did!

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Nope, I don’t think they offer it anymore.