Cheap server hosts?


I’m currently looking for a cheap UK hosted server provider, prefibly located in the UK or in Europe.
The server will be used for BETA testing with a few friends so I’m looking at a 4/8 slot server.

Any recommendations would be great!


If you are Beta testing with a few friends you should just host an SRCDS server.

That’s what I’m currently doing whilst coding the server but I don’t want to portforward and they can’t edit the files so it’s pretty useless at this moment in time.

Vilayer is pretty cheap, never really had any problems with them that weren’t solved quickly, I’ve had my Vilayer server for over a year and I can say it’s rather stable, but can be prone to crashes (even if it doesn’t appear laggy).

If you want to go a little bit more expensive I’d go with elpishost. It’s Linux (keep in mind with some case-sensitivity), but crashes pretty much never. It’s got absolutely ridiculously awesome support and answer times and it’s got a bunch of stuff in the control-panel that Vilayer doesn’t (svn checkout, bzip maps etc).

If you know how to use Linux and all you need is a private server I can provide you one for free, my server box has been sitting there doing nothing for a while. It’s located in a datacenter in Paris on a 1 gbps line.

I remember these people funnily enough.
I had a 24 slot server with them and suffered an issue with a .dll (Think it was MySQLOO) and they refused to install it for me.
When I went to cancel my product, they said that they were very ‘busy’, even though I have the owner of the company on my Steam friends who was playing games all week.

I’ll give them another shot though, thanks for the recommendation!

If Vilayer can’t still supply me with decent support, I will ask to see if your offer is still available, thanks very much for that!

I recommend Elpis Host (obviously). We do run on Linux but we offer Windows if you open a ticket about it :smile:. Our Linux servers also have no file restrictions so you can install the modules you need yourself.

Reliable, Trustworthy, Fast and always helpful!

Hosting locations: UK, US, EU, India

Hosts A LOT of games.

All I can say.

Elpis Host. Works great, and as Banana stated, no file restrictions. :slight_smile:

I’d highly recommend ElpisHost. going on 3 months of hosting with them and I’m not going to say we didn’t run into out fair share of issues, but any problems we had were addressed quickly and effectively.

I also suggest NFO servers, as from what I hear they’re pretty rock solid. Only problem is that they’re on the pricey side, but you’d definitely be getting what you payed for.

As everyone else: ElpisHost
You can read another thread about them here:
Or every other thread with them:

Elpishost. They recently set up in Germany, too.

**Hi I have been hosting server for about 2 years and by far the best cheapest host is they are very reliable they are very friendly always have time to help you get everything Fastdl , mod installer , map installer cfg editor, custom command line i get ping 4 - 17 they are very good and very quick set up within like 3 - 8 mins i have no problems for a whole year pf getting hosted by them they are great you should try them out. **

Wonder who you’re working for.

They’re 1.10 a slot



If you exclude the obvious name it’s run by a good friend of mine with competitive prices and great support, especially with Gmod servers.

is it just me or does that website look a bit strange?

Hmm … why is the side linked to: ?
And funny … after browsing on the webpage a bit, I found this:

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function addEbayProduct(catid, country, ID, api, aff1, aff2,l,div,tax,matchid){


Why? … is it linked to work with Ebay and Amazon?