Cheapest, Most Reliable Garry's Mod Server Provider

Welp, I wanted to know if anyone knew of any cheap and reliable Garry’s Mod Server Provider. I’m thinking of getting a new server maybe this year or next year, so I need some advice.

I’ve used these guys in the past , fairly cheap and stable. More of a niche game server host though (Although, that’s normally a good thing!)

What country are you located in?

If your in the US,

Anyone have any experience of They seems very cheap, but not sure if they have good reviews or not …

You have to consider how do cheap and reliable occur in the same sentence. As reliable networks and hardware aren’t cheap, and very cheap services normally cram more servers onto a box than more premium providers.

Also the choice of gamemode will affect how well the servers runs, as a build server crammed with tools will stress a servers. Where as a RP gamemode will happily run with lots of players.

I’ve got a Minecraft server from Elpis and I live in the UK yet the pings are still pretty nice considering it’s location, never had any issues with downtime and support is great too.

You know you can rent a E3-1230 with 16GB memory at Limestone for $122/month correct?

Whoah. Limestone changed their prices. They are my favorite server host I have ever had.
Thanks for posting this, I would have never seen their pricing change.

No problem! And Limestone is absolutely fantastic.

Wish the UK had cheap hosting like that, with a quick search the cheapest I can find for that specification is £99/$152 a month and that’s with only 4GB RAM.

Yup, I know exactly what you mean - all of the servers I’ve seen in the UK are on the extremely high end as far as price goes.

I was just making a point that as newer hardware comes out the demand increases especially on hardware like the E3-1230 that dominates the market as far as performance is concerned. As demand increases datacenters start to order in bulk and stockpile the parts which in turn decreases price. You can’t really say cheaper providers don’t offer reliable hardware/network if you have no idea what kind of setup they have.

Yes, you’ll always have dishonest providers who try to make as much money as possible - and then you’ll have providers who are honest and don’t mind not getting tons of money. Source servers take so little to run that I’m literally giving them away on Facepunch.

That’s a fair point as we utilize E3-1230 and the older x3440’s for hosting source servers and you can get quite a lot of servers running in use and with the server not breaking a sweat.

But I still hear of stories of customers who have swapped to us, as there old host had performance issues. My point being don’t expect excellent reliability from cheap providers as when your selling servers at less than £0.35 a slot you would need a about 300 slots sold just to break even on the box above, yet alone make a profit and pay for licenses.

Albeit there will be people who provide excellent hosting for free like yourself or for a small charge, but most business’s want to make money.

Almost all of my money comes out of Minecraft hosting. I rarely get source orders as that is not a market I’m trying to peruse at the moment so my prices are definitely below average. It’s still enough for me make a profit off the source boxes however so I’m not going to be increasing my prices when that time does come.

That being said I’m not trying to turn this thread into a massive host flame war. You have a great reputation and I think if anyone goes with you they would definitely be getting their money’s worth.

I can vouch that they are both very cheap and reliable, excellent support too. I’ve had near to no problems with them whatsoever but I ordered my server when they were doing changes so technically I’ve had no problems. Also, if you’re in the UK this is also probably the best host you can get, I get an average of 25+ ping on the server.

Sorry I wasn’t aiming the slot price comment at you and nor was I intending to create a flame war in this thread. The slot price was with a random a UK based server seller and was just to give a real world example of the economics in the Uk with source servers.

However it is great to see providers like yourself giving Facepunch free game servers as it will enhance the game’s for the community with more server’s online.

Really? The US server I has with them had constant connection issues, like the FTP connection has been down for 2 days straight. It happens all the time.

Best solution right now is to go with ElpisHost, assuming OP is an American.

Literally some of the best support in the industry, considering it’s run by a single dude. TC Admin likes to break sometimes (might be me or TC admin itself) during fast DL syncs, but it’s definitely easier than working with srcds.

What about in AUS?

How are the actual servers? Do they like to crash a lot and overflow buffers? I’ve never seen slots so cheap so I was just wondering.

I’ve been with Elpis a month and, so far, it’s crashed once and that was pretty much entirely my fault.