Cheapest reliable hosting?

im looking for a small server for me and my friends and others who would like to join to play on im trying to keep the cost as low as possible does anyone know a good reliable host? also affordable`

Here’s a list of providers

They’ve all got good competitive pricing to be honest.

This list is a bit more official…

Not really official. Anyone can put their info; but thanks, the other one is missing a couple of providers.

HFB was the cheapest we found for US, 50 slots, $20 monthly. There’s a new server host coming soon offering 20 slot servers are $10 a month. I’ll fish the link…

I used HFB for a Dallas server at $20/mo. My server has been hitting 50/50 a lot recently, and it has still be very reliable. I definitely recommend them!

I would suggest a reliable hosting site named as here they provide Linux based web hosting. They provide good customer service and support.