Cheapest Server Host?

Do you guys know the cheapest host out there? Im talking like 2-3 dollars for 10 Slots cheap?

You wont find anything near that cheap unless you want the server running at 5 FPS

You should pay good money for a server. If I were to recommend a server hoster, I’d recommend, BB Servers. Namely because it’s runned by Garry’s Modders for Garry’s Modders.

That’s another thing you should look for, if you can purchase from a Garry’s Modder, you should. Garry’s Modders that run server businesses tend to look out for their own more then shit like NFO does.

I’ve been selling servers for $0.40/slot (which is $4 for 10 slots). If you’re interested you can check me out here:

I would not recommend buying a gmod server for the price even if you do manage to find one for that price it would lag lots and it would most likely have a very small ammount of space.

I highly recommend NFO, probably the best quality you’ll find.

Definetly not the guys budget, but I do agree with NFO

Depends on who you’re buying from, some people aren’t greedy like other hosts and charge a more reasonable price.

Come back in two years and let me know if your prices are the same. A host that has been open for three months and only has one or two dedicated servers / 18 game servers generally doesn’t have a full understanding of all the costs involved.

I’m glad I’m not that kind of host. I have all my expenses written down & organized, so far I haven’t lost a single cent of my personal money.

Good for you and if you can stay open for multiple years on that pricing then I’ll publicly apologize for ever doubting you.

Best of luck.

Thanks, I’ll do my best. is a really great and reliable host.

I have a virtual machine registered with NFO. I’d be happy to let you have a 10-15 slot server for a month or so to see if you are really interested in owning a server. Message me on steam if you want! :slight_smile:

Umm… it’s perfectly viable to run a server on a $3 VPS. Heck, I even started with one for a good month or so.

512mb is more than enough for a 10 slot server, considering my server running at 64 slots full doesn’t use more than 1gb.

It’s strange to see how my community grew from a server being hosted on a $3 VPS to one of the most popular servers. Don’t let your budget discourage you.

Which package did you purchase as a starting to your community from Ramnode?

If you were wondering, 512MB SVZ under [Premium] OpenVZ SSD is best for ~2 servers.

ramnode is hilariously chill from my experience.

bought a $4 vps, tried running a python script to establish a connection to my server, but it ended up DoSing my own server for ~2 days straight and ended up taking 21 TB of bandwidth when my limit is 1 TB per month

they didnt give a shit lmao

Huh? I had a vps with 500GB/month and they suspended my services when that quantity was reached.
In fact, I’d say it’s automated, so your case might’ve been a one-time bug.

Are you sure? That’s an average of 972mbps - not a chance they didn’t notice it (their other customers would be suffering packet loss or slow speeds)