Cheat blocker

Cheat blocker!
Blocks all of your average hackers!

What is “Cheat blocker”?

Cheat blocker is a anti-cheat script designed by me and Drew.
We have created a table of known hacking commands.
If anyone even tries to run the console command they are instantly banned.

Sounds cool, where can I get it?

Right here.

Me, Co Bullet
Drew P. Richard
Banana Lord. (Made commands table)

Tell me what you think.
If you need help on anything read the “Read me” located in the .zip

This is quite a noob release compared to everyone elses items, although I am making my way up.
Yes you can bypass this easily, along with almost all Anti-cheats so its useless to tell me you can bypass it.
Yes, by me releasing this hacks can work around it if a server has it, but I have nothing to do with it seeing as I don’t work on or own any servers.

Wait so it detects the console commands?

At the very least you could redirect hook.Add and check for “aimbot” and “esp”.

Good thing my bot is not public :v:

Also its easy enough to just change the console commands.

Also I know someone who made a code ,that does not send any command that has been registered on the client.

Your code is good to block these 11 year olds downloading “h4x” from

Yeah, its easily bypassable but I think the point of the project is for learning experience, and to keep skiddies out.

Couldn’t be easier to bypass :smith: but i guess it protects the server from the general “lulz i dl dis from ipwn” guy.


damn ninja’d

Best way to keep cheater away is to enable SE and ENABLE INITIALKICK.
That will also block most SE bypasses(but not mine :v:) that just set sv-scriptenforce to 0

Atleast it has sone use :v:

@Joey care to elaborate how I would check for aimbot and ESP?

(stupid alt acc…)

cough cheatengine

That is more than nothing. Lots of 11 years mingebag around there.

Me and a friend of mine fiddled with the lua states.

Do I smell my first semi-useful item?


sure is

Whoa man, upgrade that :unsmith: straight to a :smile:, all releases are progress. Keep up the work, mang. You’ll eventually be :science:

Brb, editing my cheats with different commands.

pre command based anticheats are useless.

Not according to every other user that posted in this thread.

Excuse me, I see no credit for me.

“We have created a table of known hacking command”

Actually, you have not, I spent a long time going through downloading and going through each file, looking for each command. You said I would get credit, I went through your file, no credit.

It’s people like you who make me sick.


80% of “hackzors” right there trolololol


Oh, and so I have proof.

He asks to use it, and agrees to credit.

I lost your name. I put you under the credits…

Updated OP with your actual name.

Would be nice to see more credits in there if you update it.

I won’t be sharing my SQL version with you though.