Cheat blocker

pre command based anticheats are useless.

Not according to every other user that posted in this thread.

Excuse me, I see no credit for me.

“We have created a table of known hacking command”

Actually, you have not, I spent a long time going through downloading and going through each file, looking for each command. You said I would get credit, I went through your file, no credit.

It’s people like you who make me sick.


80% of “hackzors” right there trolololol


Oh, and so I have proof.

He asks to use it, and agrees to credit.

I lost your name. I put you under the credits…

Updated OP with your actual name.

Would be nice to see more credits in there if you update it.

I won’t be sharing my SQL version with you though.

I don’t need an SQL version… :wink:

You said anywhere so I am not just going to re-upload this just to put your name into the credits.
You are getting mad over nothing :expressionless:

I meant in the code, but mkay.

you can too use ScriptEnforcer than is clientside all things off and if you set it on 2 than if a player get hacks online than he get ban from your server… i think that ScriptEnforcer is better but i going test it than i say =D if your script is better

(Notice the avatar and the smug smiley)

First of all to improve this, I would rename it to includes/enum/!.lua so it loads first, be advised, that loads before vgui so you’ll have to do require “hook” and require “timer”, etc. You can do lots of stuff if it loads first. You can even detour require :science:

But is there any actual point other than because it loads first? Im not getting why I would update it to do that.

Yes there is a point to load it first, if you detour any vital functions without loading before everything else, the detour isn’t called and that function is the original. It also loads before Garry’s Mod RunScriptsInFolder’s includes/extensions, autorun and autorun/client, meaning if some person somehow acquires an SE2 bypass and loads from lua/, he is affected by the antihack. Also, It’s called ‘!’ because that is one of the first non-control-operators in ASCII. You can also do magical stuff like setting the metatable of hook so that Add can’t be ran.

Ah cool. I will work on that

Make sure you do
if SERVER then
AddCSLuaFile( “includes/enum/!.lua” );

if CLIENT then
– Stuff here^
So your server doesn’t have to deal with all of the detours and stuff.

@Extazy Just saying, Banana Lord and Helix Alioth are both right. Banana lord is right about the fact that your crediting him wrong, and helix alioth is right about the fact that people can bypass it again…yours does block all the little kids, but your not stopping the pro’s.i recomend you have a version 1.01 or 1.1 update in which you include both of what they are saying. If someone does something that tedious, long, and boring to get you what you need (Banana Lord), then you should include it into your credit’s properly. And stopping all the “haxzorz” is what the people downloading this are expecting, and if your work only half asses that, they your not going to get as many people wanting to download a newer verion or any of your other creations.

He has an amazing point you know.

I find it funny you mention he needs to be added to the credits. Its not even all that many commands. It took it probably 5-10 minutes to find all of those commands. Its not like he deserves a medal or something. he asked to be in the credits and he got a place in the credits.
Also, I can’t create something so good and so great if its only my … fir… second release of an actual script.
Also last thing. If you would read up, I said I was working on an update.

I think the point everyones making is that you took the concept, coding principles and even the list of concommands from this guy’s bot without giving him the credit you said you would.

If there’s anything I can say more, it’s that no one should trust their server completely with a Lua anticheat.

I can bypass scriptenforcer with a few lines of code, it also breaks your server to hell mostly