Cheat, cheat & cheat


ok so, before i said it’s an alpha, don’t mather about cheater … etc

But now i want to write this message because i moved from the serv FR cause were mike who no-clip into house (and cause serv FR lag like hell)
then i go on UK normal and there are 2 guys who cheat and who play all the time : BlackRain & Batman
then i moved to UK sleepers and now Karniox no-clip into my house.

I love this game even if it’s an alpha, i played a lot since June.

But now between the DDOS, and the cheats it’s impossibl to play or test.

Sincerlly, devs you should do something if you want to still have people who test/play your game atm.

I know i’m not the only who complaing about that, but i hope you ill do something.

At least ban those few people, maybe in this way the others will stop, i asked why you cheat at one of them, he answered me : “because i can, i won’t be ban”

Wait an answer … ,

Best regards.