Cheat Engine Help Please

I was thinking about the cheat engine Because i want to try it out on some Non-Vac Servers.
Is that Safe???
and would i be able to somehow join a Vac server again with out any proplems with cheat engine turned off

How bout you don’t cheat.

naaa :wink: i just wana try it for fun
not gona be one of those mingy hackers :smiley:
just wana try it out on a Non vac server or Singelplayer

If you cannot understand how to use cheat engine, you should not be using it.

It does practically explain itself, and misusing it can cause some serious problems to your computer.

cheat in garrysmod? more like use the same numbers (lol i change 3 to 5) for css

No, it’s not safe. If you get caught you will be VAC banned. This thread is officially over with this image:

Also, wrong thread. This belongs in “Help/Questions” not “LUA Scripting”.

Happily, VAC doesn’t scan gmod, so you won’t get caught.
However, using it will make your entire system unstable, and gmod will regularly crash. It is advisable not to use it unless you really know what you’re doing.
And if you did know what you were doing, you wouldn’t have posted this, so don’t. :3:

It has never made my game unstable in anyway example please

Well I’ve found that after I’ve started Cheat Engine, gmod is more likely to crash with a memory error than it is normally.

This is true, as it modifys the memory.

I’ve never used it though…


I know that the Cheat Engine injects it self into hl2.exe and it modifies the game’s data and stuff.
i have also heard that VAC isnt working on Garrysmod and thats i have these three following questions:

One. Will it Be detected by VAC.
Two. Can i remove the Cheat engine Injection/affects easily and start using gmod the normal way with out much proplems.
Three. If i Inject Garrys mod is there a chance i can be Vac banned if i join CS:S with out injecting it?

P.s i know these are the Same questions as before but there are allot of you disagreeing so can i get a Plain Answer?

Use your common sense for those three questions. If you still don’t know the answer, you aren’t smart enough to be using the cheat engine.

The answer is, don’t use it. Anyone who does is ruining the game itself.

Lexic, how could you!


Yes. VAC will sometimes look through executable files you have. If it detects cheat engine, you’re banned.

Quite easily, it’s not a difficult program.
Or did you mean “How could you go far even as decide to use even go want to do look more like?”, to which my excuse is that I first wanted to try it out to see how it worked, and then wanted to troll Conna. :3:

No, that is not true. Otherwise VAC would ban you for having certain debuggers etc. It DOES, however, check the steam game executables for modifications. Simply installing cheat engine has been proven to cause no harm whatsoever.

But I agree, don’t use it in Steam games. Go get yourself banned if you want, but I personally find cheat engine only a nice toy if you want to cheat in flash games, nothing else. :smiley: