Cheat Engine

I used a modified .exe for MGS V to change my aspect ratio to 21:9. There is a very detailed forum here where I used to download the modified .exe from:

With the latest update, it looks like I’m going to need to download cheat engine and modify the .exe myself.

Does anyone know if cheat engine runs in the background when not needed? May this or its mere presence trigger any anti cheat detection? Namely EAC or VAC?


it will trigger vac defiantly .

I’m not sure how thats funny, but cheers. I might play it safe then and just play the old version.

i vaguely remember EAC saying that cheat engine doesn’t trigger a ban unless it is hooked into rust.

can’t speak for vac, and the onus is on you either way.

Yea, a bit of googling shows VAC might pick it up if its not shut down properly. I’ve nearly finished it anyway, I’ll rough it and stick to what I’ve got!

BTW in case anyone is wondering, I have paid for the game (steam)

If you don’t shut down Cheat Engine before launching Rust, you’re asking for a VAC ban, so be careful about always shutting it down first.

No one is wondering because your Steam profile is linked from your account and anyone can open it and clearly see that Rust is listed in your Steam library.

My mistake, that wasn’t clear - I was on about MGS. I was getting the impression people thought I was using no-cd (or whatever the equivalent is these days) crack

Yea this whole cheat engine stuff seems dodgy as hell, sounds fun to play with but risking a ban just ain’t worth it.

Oh, you meant MGS instead of Rust. Well, same thing, your profile’s right there. :v:

Cheat Engine has legitimate uses and can be used to great effect in single-player games. You just have to be careful you don’t leave it running before launching a game with active anticheat.

Using cheat engine players can pick stone trees without moving or go inside walls you name it i would never use a such tool change luck rates and so on…