Cheat Loader (Updated)

So yesterday was released updated loader for rust that support win10 and new features.

Old features

○ Draw Animals
○ Draw Loot
○ Draw Resource
○ Draw Sleepers
○ Raider ESP
○ Meel
○ Light
○ Weapon • no recoil,no sway, fast reload,bullet velocity
○ Speed
○ Meel Instakill
○ Style
○ Color
○ Size

New features
○Win10 support
○Remote access to fast slots other players (rather look at another player)
○New locks brute force (now shows Codes)
○Works with all versions of the game
○Not determined by EAC and VAC

What will be the response of developers…

A Mod posting a reaction image? What is this sorcery

Ps. You posted about your cheat on the owner of the games website…

Cheating is the main reason that ruins the fun of rust !

I wish the developers feel more concerned cheaters than now, we want more anti cheats features, especially on official server.

Do as they say, not as they do.

This wasn’t an advertisement, this was a (poorly constructed) call to Facepunch to address a new hack release.

probably the same as always, let EAC do their job?

Cause that’s working.

EAC is 50 % of the solution, because you can hack the game with every new undetected hack, and its an endless war.

Garry is someone smart, i want him to use his intelligence to think about an other feature to fight the hack in real time on official server

Can someone please explain why noclip and such hacks can’t be fixed with a simple “no, you can’t do that, there’s something there you spastic” coming from the server that stops you magically floating through walls? And if the client decided to ignore this then have the server stop sending or receiving from that client?

My best guess would be because to do this you’d need the server to constantly be checking what is infront of the player tens/hundreds of times a second and making checks to see if they should be allowed to do it. Multiply that time potentially 200+ players and combined with other checks for different cheats you could be looking at a considerable amount of resources spent, and then you need factor in plugins and stuff unless EAC is completely disabled on modded servers.

Not saying this is how it works; its just an example, but then consider that the server relies on the client’s information to actually know where they are looking, what if you have something like the cheat makes it look from the server’s POV like the player is facing the opposite way when they have noclip on, so their checks for where the player is looking become useless.

If it such was a simple fix you wouldn’t have so many games plagued by cheaters. It gets harder as you ramp up the scale of your game because when you are dealing with hundreds of players you need to compromise on what the server will handle and what the client will handle otherwise it will run like ass.

I’m sure they will turn attention to cheaters more so eventually, but the game is in alpha so I can understand if their viewpoint is ‘why bother going to great lengths to play cat and mouse with cheaters when it’s just taking up development time on the game’

Realistically, you wouldn’t even need it to check so many times the server enters overdrive, even if it was once per second and detected changes, so that if the server chose to disconnect the offending client or even ban it you could take any shit back off the sleeper…

A second is more than enough time for a person to pass through say a wall, then whatever checks they were doing would still be valid next time around, which brings back to the point that the server would need to be constantly processing this info.

I mean when the client performs an illegal move the server knows where the player is already, so it can decide each second if the move was valid.

That would be the same thing since it still needs to process the necessary information to know if the move was valid. Imagine you were checking what is in a few CMs infront of the player’s view every second. One second you check and there’s nothing, they fly through a wall in a few milliseconds, next second there’s still nothing infront of them. Unless you add layer upon layer of additional checks for every player then it’s still going to be a drain.

Not to mention people will keep actively looking for ways around them. I’m sure there have been various phases of noclip, looting through walls etc etc being detected/made impossible for existing cheats, but then they reappear later when someone comes up with a different way of doing it.

I’m no expert on how cheats circumvent a lot of these measures, but like I said if it was a simple fix that didn’t cause major issues I’m sure they would have done it.

Point is, Server Stores Collider Locations, And is already tracing player actions and movement, it’s just 1 + 1 to fit it together ( figuratively, coding it might be harder )

Work started weeks ago on making the server more authoritative, and that’s where those noclip/flying fixes were implemented (before hack writers found another exploit). Expect this cat-and-mouse game to continue forever.

Why are you unable to add 1 more layer to all wall/fundaments/windows that will deal 100000 dmg to everyone who touch layer. Like spikes, but 100000. It will be between the inner and outter layer, so usual player won t be able to somehow die from it s dmg? But if you noclip - hiho, you are dead. Can t touch my tralala.

Might as well just not allow people to fly around and actually check for collision.

Another thing is half these people would be using godmode anyway lol

Maybe can we have an official answere ?