cheat online

Cheat online.Correct?

Nice catch, That seems very strange. I never knew you could view what players are online.

Edit: I see people are rating op’s post as dumb, but if you think about it, they are doing some sort of exploit to get to the top of the server list. Which isn’t fair for other servers.

This is honestly an increasing problem and also the reason why I stopped playing Rust in the first place.

A lot of us looking for a quick game or a popular server sort by the player limits,
this’ now completely useless as all the top ranked servers fake their players, making others think there’s more playing than there really is.

Edited: Misunderstood the post

it’s alright, they’ll end up blacklisted for spoofing their pop count.

This has been a problem since legacy, unfortunately.

This was one of the most annoying problems in Legacy. Fucking Russian servers that spoof their player count and have about 20 fake servers that redirect to the same server.
This is a real issue and I hope they are actively blacklisting these servers…

then will they be?

Hey guys!

So, i need your help pls.
Rust in my pc is in the Fastest config and its running at 6-10 fps do you guys have any solution.
My PC config:
Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU 2.30GHz
8.00 RAM DDR3

I wonder how they do that

your specs say it

It’s your GPu, methinks

Holy hijack batman!