Cheater on steam !

Hey ! I see one cheater ! look this , have fun bro !

Name in-game : “Garry”
Need to ban him :confused:

You are running an aimbot and steaming, while reporting other people. Seems legit.

there is his profile on steam, he was going by [SxG Leader] Leth but then change his name to Garry

wasnt the real Leth b/c i was on his teamspeak when this was happening and he was playing something else with the rest of his group…

So who is actually the cheater here? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you should pay attention to your bans and event log buddy.
Also revealing yourself to be hacking is a full retard moment. copied this moment to get this hacker banned :smiley: thanks benjy for telling us you hack
also Its My fault there are way more hackers out there due to my thread :smiley:

How can you tell?

watch him aiming and how it snaps to players when they run

He is aimbotting like I accused him in the server today, he is very obvious and denies it, but this youtube video is just a proof of it, who the fuck actually post a video of a cheater when he’s cheating himself rofl.

I think LaziestNoob On US east II uses that same aimbot lol. That asshat gets the most ridiculous kills.

Somebody send this to a dev…

somebody download that video before he removes it!

Wait, are these real accusations? I see absolutely nowhere in this video where it even looks remotely suspicious or like aimbot at all.

Lol you must be blind then.

I see no aimbot. You guys have actually seen an aimbot before right? He’s a good aim but missed quite a few shots. Aimbots don’t miss especially in an open area, ever.

Other guy is definitely cheating though. Seems he is here in this thread too, gee whiz.

Wast just watching a streamer and he got Shat on by this Garry guy.
He is on US East 1 and seems to live in the hanger.

Can confirm on that Garry guy hacking. Just did it to me and my buddy at our base.

Wasn’t recording, but his name was “Garry” and his steam profile is

you guys crying aimbot are badies. just cause your aim sucks and you cant follow a moving target does not mean everyone else can not either. He misses plenty of shots to. I use to wonder if there were really that many hackers on this game cause I see it cried all the time now I see this post with a legit player trying to report an exploiter and you guys start calling aimbots on him when there is nothing close to it.

This thread should be stickied as an example of why you hear so much about hackers, cause people are stupid.

Just watched “The Grinch” on bchillzz stream ( a bit ago glitching through walls/doors and flying in the air. Pretty sure it’s recorded as well.

Oh and what do you know, it’s the same guy that’s the 2nd post in this thread and in the original video by the OP.

You’d think he’d be smart enough to not leave his steam profile on his facepunch profile as well.

thread not even about me yet people still say i aimbot…

thanks. im glad im good enough to be considered a program.