Cheater or not cheater? - NEed help from stuff

I had a problem. I record demo file at RP server. Finally Garry isn’t first my FPP/Shooter game at internet… Before GarrysMod was:

Team fortrest 2,

Half-Life 2: Death Match,


Medal of Honor

Call Of Duty

Unreal Tournament

Counter-Strike SOurce

Team Fortrest Classic

Counter-Strike Condition Zero

COunter-Strike 1.3d - 1.6**[img]

Counter-Strike: Blue shift & Oposing Force

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Little list of my games at STEAM account played. I used many hacks, to check cheaters at FFA server, to check demos where guys record Hackers. Making the movies with WH ( No glowing efect just set easy hack to see them behind walls ).

Again, i maked DEMO at *LiteRP and maked the Movie for Report them because they broke the rules. I turned the FapHack 3.0v to show theirs names at video ( When you die, u can’t use mouse to look around to check who killed you. )

I show them the proof: where you see im connecting the FFA-TTT server and little after i playdemo to show working cheat only on Watching Demos. Guys Banned me Pernamently. They say:

You decided to download the hack, you decided to use it. Now we decide that we no longer want you around here. As we all decided that we don’t want any cheater or hacker. To be honest I don’t care if you hack/cheat in this server or an other. I care about the fact you used cheats/hacks and for that you will be punished. But not perma as their isn’t enough proof against you.

I played at server 9 days… 216 hours - They don’t trust me. SHould i get banned? Can some Proofed guy from Stuff can explain this situation? Thanks i need proof from your side, its not cheating at servers but only to check the demos.

Link to topic:


TL;DR He got banned for *LiteRP for using FapHack to record people breaking the rules.

Don’t bring this to Facepunch.

Stay out of Facepunch. We don’t care nor are we going to help you get unbanned from a server.