Ive tried playing on my friends building server. And then when its sending its Client info, I get a message saying: “Cheater, sdef 7 july”. What the hell does that mean? I do know what “Cheater” means, but I am just a builder/poser and a wiremod geek who doesnt need any hacks. And I am guessing that the “7 july” is the date I was a “Cheater”. It could be some dummy addon what protects people from using hacks. I guess that “sdef” means SethHackdef, yet I never had owned/used SethHack in my life. (including any extra .dll’s)

Ive seen some Anti-SethHack addons, which have been flamed on due to it adding random IP’s in its ban list and not letting people play the server where the addon has been installed.

Please someone help me ASAP.

PS: Ive noticed that I cant play on SOME other servers aswell due to the same reason.

Does your friend use a global ban list or something?

Also please post your steam profile.

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Oh just checked, you are banned, and whatever you say, noone will believe you.

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Looks like your friend is banned too :v:

I am not sure about that :L

And also:

Oh and I just discovered that I made a grammer mistake at “my friends server”. I meant the server where my friend is playing at.

What do you mean by “banned”? VAC?

You gonna get banned on the forums too, just saying.

What banned? Do you mean VAC?

No, you’ve been banned by Garry’s anti-cheat (just for GMod).

Uhm? I hope that my SmartSnap doesnt count as a cheat since I checked from telling me that I am not VAC banned. Im just a builder, why in the world do I need hacks/modifications for?

VAC is not Garrys anti cheat.

This discussion doesn’t really matter, Garrys anticheat was pretty much only pointed against SethHack, so you did use it.

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Afaik Garrys Anticheat also send some system info in the report payload, so he might check it, but I doubt it will give any prove of your innocence.

No sir, I have not used SethHack or even bought/owned it. And what does the “pretty much” mean by that? Since it may have accidentally pointed on my SmartSnap what I downloaded off

EDIT: What does afaik mean? And I am pretty sure that it will discover that I am innocent. I am a bit afraid about my SmartSnap what I downloaded some years ago. (Its the addon what allows you to target on some polygons by pressing E)

It’s not SethHack, sdef is gmcl_sdef2, aka ScriptDeforcer 2, a module which lets you bypass scritpenforcer.

afaik = as far as I know

I never have installed something named like “gmcl_sdef2”. And I have heard it does bypass ScriptEnforcer. Does the gmcl need to be in a specific place in garrysmod? Since I am willing to check my folders in garrysmod.

EDIT: Im just wondering, is the gmcl_sdef2 a lua file?

Garry’s anti-cheat doesn’t do anything against lua scripts, it stop people from bypassing scriptenforcer (which requires a module or injecting executable).

It’ll be a file called gmcl_sdef2.dll in garrysmod/lua/includes/modules

Okay, ive check the /modules and there are only 3 .dll’s :

And yes isnipeu I know what the Scriptenfocrer is and does.

And those .dll’s I told you, they seem pretty offical to me.

surely if you are consciously trying to bypass scriptenforcer you should be banned?

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bad reading, my bad, snippy snip

Once again, I never have tried or even thought about bypassing scriptenforcer. I dont see how ScriptEnforcer can bother me in any way for giving me a reason to by-pass it.

EDIT: Oh, haha. My bad aswell. -snip-

EDIT: Still confused here :s.

EDIT: I also have 2 OS (Win xp, win 7). I checked the win7 garrysmod /modules, and those 3 same .dll’s are there.

So you’re sure that on the 7th July you didn’t have a file called gmcl_sdef2.dll in that folder?

Email with your SteamID and garry should be able to either provide more proof you cheated or unban you.

Okay, will do. And I am 140% sure that I did not have a modified/hacked .dll file in there to bypass SE.

Well someone did prove garrys anticheat was a loose cannon and someone posted a script that supposedly bans any steamID from it, I dont know if it actually worked though

You just had to create a font with a specific substring in it.