mindtricks and stalker have been glitching/cheating you need to ban these guys they block ppls doors with foundations and walls when you cant even place things there they were mad cause summit1g and artemisknives raided them and hes cheating/glitching to get revenge video proof of the glitch/cheat
video evidence Time Stamp:8:10:47 to 8:14
get this guy banned

Do you have any proof?

No proof no ban, they just cannot ban people willy nilly.

read the post again

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im trying to help the game dont yell at me

Yes, please post video evidence directly.

it is not me that it happened to but a streamer i will find the VOD and time stamp and post it
the vod has not renderd yet when it dose i will post it as quick as i can hopefully we can get this cheater/abusive glitcher banned

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video evidence Time Stamp:8:10:47 to 8:14
get this guy banned

Glitching in a Pre-Alpha game isn’t really a bannable offense, cheating/hacking however is. Though glitching in a full release is. Bugs are everywhere in a Pre-Alpha game and is hard to stop people from doing it, even sometimes accidentally, but I should not be confused with defending them because I’m not.

the problem is they are not reporting it thats the point of a alpha report the bugs so the game gets better that shouldn’t be acceptable

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if they got a key and are not reporting the bugs they should be banned and the keys should go to a proper alpha tester who will report the bugs and help the game

Cool story bro. No proof, no ban.

and the retard of the day award goes to Chasee

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who obviously cant read i posted proof idiot

People do report it but some people have common sense and see that there is already a bug report for it and don’t repeat it, they just reply to that bug report confirming it. THAT’s what a Alpha tester is meant to do.

you posted a stream

that is not proof

but they still are abusing it whats the fun in cheating?

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The second retard of the day award goes to supersnail11 who Cant read either

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i posted a VOD and time stamp idiot

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if u actually read u would know that
why dont you guys read the thread before posting watch the VOD and time stamp i posted THEN post idiots

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omg syndicate is reading :0

it’s a stream of a guy discovering that they put a wall in a place

that’s not proof that anyone cheated, and even less proof that stalker and mindtricks did it

your probably one of there buddies they have been doing it to the for a day or two now and they went in his chat saying it wasnt a glitch even tho i obviously is

yeah i’m one of their buddies

that’s why i haven’t played the game since january

omg lol rust hasnt bee n in alpha that long idiot

Oh, really?

and lets say it was how did u get a key and y are you posting if u havnt played in that long waste of a tester and key

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if you havnt played in that long gtfo and stop complaining and posting

You’re not very smart, are you?

k let me explain it to you there is a limited key supplie and everyone playing is a tester get the bugs and kinks out if u havnt played in that long your not helping the game are you give your account to someone whos gonna help and test