Cheaters...and some solve

so sometimes its unreal to report a cheater coz first: they cnaged names nonstop and u cant find them in game. second if u report them by twitter with profile they alltime changed steamid as its easy(result page not found)…so mb u can talk with valve to find a solution…CD on change name increase to 30-60+min, cd for change steamid 1+days?

Cool down for change steamid? Heh? You can never under any circumstances change your steamid, it is tied to your account, or better yet it IS your account.

i mean this cheater i report him in twitter but as u see he allrdy changed idname so page not found now his id it was hard but i found his real id and atm he in on server fankfurt 1…all players complane about him as he kill every 1 on kos 300-400m headshots and all loot have his friends clan members and

edit 1min pass and again he changed steamnameid to

I agree they change name, see my other post about impersonation and name change.

They can change steam by buying the game again after their account is banned. We are actually dealing with one of them now in Franfurt 2 Procedural. He got banned 3 times already, but he just buying game+hacks again. He is also so silly to brag about it in game. Well…

as i know they just buy hack for 20eu/month so if they got ban…they new steam acc+rust and same cheats…but some cheaters playing 1-2week+before they got banned so they dont care about 5$ for rust copy…

loosen, what happened there was that they changed display name. It’s just that: it changes what name is displayed. They come up as a different name in game, on friend lists, etc, but their SteamId remains the same. The only way to change SteamId is as piositoatl said: making a new account.