cheaters exploiters etc...

So over the past 3 weeks of play i have had. 200 rocket raid on my teams main base. been no clipped several times not mention had several really weird experiences with head shots that only god himself could have made. most these were because some 12 year old doesn’t like to lose and bought some software from a website. one of which was the dupe exploit. none of which has seen any punishment. heck i would have like to have seen a wipe after the dupe exploit but its far to late now.

why isn’t the dev team taking this more seriously. yes they are making the game. but out sourcing the problem to vac/eac doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem. heck i have played since legacy and its always been a problem. so why is this still such a problem. you can blame those selling these so called “hacks” or you can take responsibility for the game you made. its pretty obvious that vac/eac can’t hand the problem. Hard code these hacks out. no more fly no more looting 4 feet through a wall no esp no super jumping no more bullshit.

if you support this give me a bump if you don’t be sure to flame me and give me a bump.

we are tired of bullshit red tape get something done.

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Playing on the official servers instead of community right?

Most community servers wiped after the dupe issue was fixed.

face punch washington didn’t wipe.

I think it’s because if they spent the time to fix hacks as they arose, they would never have time to progress the game itself. And every time the game DID progress, new hacks would come out. It would slow down everything.

They want to get the game as closed to finished as they can before they polish it. To them, content comes before bugs/hacks/balance issues. There’s no real reason to patch these things when they will probably just pop up again in the future when they add new stuff anyway.

We had hoped that EAC could handle all of the anti-cheat stuff so we can concentrate on handling all the game stuff. It’s obvious that’s not working, so I did some work on a second-layer of anti-cheat this week.

One of the things I added was serverside noclip protection, that I’m sure that a lot of people have wanted for a long time. The good thing is you can’t write a cheat to break this; the bad thing is it may end up increasing the server’s CPU usage.

Things should get better over the next week. This won’t resolve cheating by any means. It will make them less obvious to everyone on a server, but also less destructive. I’ll be watching and listening and improving this more as time goes on.

Windows Magnifier Exploit
So there was a bit of an exploit with ranged weapons where they would be dead accurate as long as you weren’t aiming down the sights. Some clever players realized they could use a tool that magnified the pixels in the center of their screen and pull off perfect headshots from across the map. I fixed this by adding a bit of an aim cone when you’re not aiming down the sight. Almost no one will notice this change except for the exploiters and eventually we’ll put in a proper fix with loose aiming.

Wall-Looting Hackers
I heard some reports this week about people looting through walls. I made a serverside check so this is now impossible

So um, whats the issue?

they can’t get through walls but they just walk through the doors instead.

my issue is simple those all come very late. way after the problem was well established. i have posted you tube videos on here to try to clue in the dev team to whats going. every time i have i have been banned for it.

i want quick action not weeks later after the fact. i also want some action when a game breaking exploit is going on.

i mean for the love of god is it not cool to be a legit player anymore.

Why is everything game breaking?

Maybe the dev team needs to know how the cheat is working… which part of the program is being exploited, before they can fix it.

Also… some cheats exist because the cheaters don’t tell anyone how they do it.

Nah, they’re not doing anything. This account tweets out every EAC ban live, but they’re not doing anything.

It’s not fair to say that Facepunch isn’t doing anything about it. They are definitely active in finding solutions to these problems. Finding the problem then fixing it can be a time consuming process, it certainly isn’t instant as most users seem to expect unreasonably.

Further, the are other issues you need to understand. For example, preventing hacks from a server side point of view can cause very serious server performance issues. Development of this product seems to be a constantly push and pull between features, hackers, and performance, that’s just software, the struggle is real.

While it’s repeated over and over again, it should be mentioned again that this is an Alpha product, it’s not ready for production, it’s being very actively worked on. You can find the Devblogs at the link following.

There’s an easy way to win this but it requires coordination and some community will. All EAC bans should be saved to a google doc which could easily be imported by all admins and added to their ban list. Once hackers realize ALL servers are banning them after hacking one, believe me the hacking will drop drastically.


Uh, if servers are running EAC protection, they don’t need to import any banlists, EAC banned-users are automatically blocked/kicked from joining secured servers. The only people who are going to have a problem with issuing server bans to cheaters are servers that deliberately choose not to use VAC/EAC protection, and at that point it’s up to them to make their own anticheat so good luck to them. And such a list could start by harvesting the Steam profile of every ban tweeted by Rusthackreport (see above) and converting it into its owner’s Steam ID. The twitter account doesn’t have bans that were issued prior to starting livetweeting, however, so it won’t be a complete ban list.


Also, there is no need to sign your posts. Your username is directly to the left of anything you will ever post on this website, and it makes you look like you don’t know how to use forums. There is no signature support on here for a reason.

OP is right. EAC is not working to prevent hackers being in the game. Banning a small percentage of hackers weeks after they start hacking in the game, is not good enough. Yes, they are banning hackers, but they are not stopping hackers from being on the servers.

FP has made a decision to allow this level of hacking in the game. They have done some stuff to address it, but also have allowed a lot of hackers to be on the official servers the last year.

Reporting hackers using the twitter is not working sometimes: the hacker is reported and keeps playing for days because no one does anything with the tweet report of that hacker. Honestly, I think FP needs to consider firing EAC and hiring another company that can do a better job. EAC looks like a really small company and I think they can’t put many man hours in to working on Rust.

Defend it all you want, but hacking is rampant, and there are a lot of people who have bought and are playing this game. If FP will put more time into coding Rust to prevent hackers (as they said they will), that may be the best solution.

What? :hurr:

What? Players report hackers on Official servers by sending a tweet to the Rust report twitter account. Then, nothing is done, and players see those same hackers continue to play in the game for days.

The system is set up to report hackers, but no one at FP is actually following up and banning the hackers. EAC and FP’s reporting system seem to only work part of the time. Which reflects FP’s general attitude: it’s OK to have this level of hacking on the servers for now. Yes, they care and have done some things to address this, but they obviously don’t care enough to spend money and time to do better.

EAC is actively monitoring the twitter feed. FP have nothing to do with it (unless they feel inclined, it’s EAC’s responsibility to deal with cheaters after all). But honestly, imagine how many tweets they get every hour about cheaters now there is somewhere to funnel that frustration. and they manually investigate each one, then apply a ban if needed. on top of that, the EAC system is actively running, detecting cheat signatures and banning players IN WAVES the same way that VAC does. so it’s rarely, if ever, going to be instant.

i think you need to adjust your expectations here, we aren’t talking about active admins on a single server, but a global anticheat system covering ALL SERVERS.