Cheaters in Legacy Rust

I have a question, is there any chance that someone is doing something against the cheater problem in the old Rust Version?
I am playing old Rust for a few weeks at the official server US East Coast1, there is a huge cheater problem. There are some cheaters who constantly harass people with their cheats. Its getting worse, now they are going to sell their cheats to younger players.
I know a player who bought a cheat for an amount of money he didnt wanted to tell me. He wanted to do something against the “hackers” on the server on his own, because no admin ever showed up on this server and cheaters can do whatever they want to do.
VAC is not getting this new cheats they use, I compained often over the menu about cheaters. Nothing happend so far.
I have made a few screenshots and I have usernames who cheated and I know who sold a cheat to a younger player.
These cheaters are now making money with breaking your game and on top you are loosing customers due to these cheaters.

It’s been stated many, many times; Any development on Legacy Rust is nonexistent, as the developers are constantly at work on making the “new” version of Rust. There will never be any support for Legacy Rust.

Sorry to burst your bubble, pal.

I am not asking for support, I asked to do something against the cheaters who sell their cheats.
If some admin shows up when more than 15 players are on this server to see whats happening there and how many cheaters are around using their cheats without trying to hide them they know what I mean.
Its a shame that there are now “cheat-dealers” who make money with that stuff. Its like they are selling drugs to the players who were harassed for too long. I dont think that facepunch likes this sort of behaviour. Well, I wouldnt like it.

Legacy is a complete forgotten wasteland, there are no rules there anymore. Deal with it or switch to Rust Experimental.