Cheaters just running rampant again

Wow since the patch, the cheating is back in full swing. The new one must have something to do with the ghosting desync bug. Logged into the public server, I swear I was dead in less than 30 seconds twice, while indoors with nobody in sight. Basically they seem to sync onto your name and then they just start swinging. No matter where they are it hits you. Similar thing yesterday and I even watched the person just swing with nobody around until he/she did it to me.

I am a little bummed that cheating was the first priority and the last patch made it much worst :).

On a side note my Linux client updated again just now so I am not sure if that’s a glitch or a patch.

Way to many, your correct.

^ Way too many, you’re correct. :wink:

I’ve only seen one obvious cheater in the last week or so.

It was actually pretty good before the last patch. It was ruff during the suicide cheat but most cheaters got cleared out by the VAC bans.

Last two days since the patch on East Coast large or East Coast 1 I have ran into a cheater in less than 10 minutes after logging. Heck just logon and watch the chat window and you will see

“Why do I keep dying”
“I am bleeding but nobody is around”
“It says I was killed but does not give a name”

On and on… I know they are learning as they build the game, just hoping cheating is a priority and it’s something they can keep in focus while they keeping making the game even more kick ass than it already is.

Go ahead, grab a gun and some armor and go run around on a public server for 30 minutes and see what happens.

I have noticed that the suicide hack is back, but yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen hackers (im pretty sure) go invisible after this new patch, including the hack you’re talking about as well.

Just don’t play on offical servers… Simple.

I’ve only seen 1 hacker in my almost 200 hours of Rust.

The mass suicide hack is, indeed, back. Avoid official servers - this is a good rule of thumb anyway. While I wouldn’t say hackers are rampant on these servers, the lack of moderation/admins means that you will find a far higher number of them in comparison to an unofficial server with active admins.

Note that with this hack, it may seem like there are a lot of hackers, but realistically all it takes is one hacker to do the mass suicide over and over again.