Cheaters ruined game. Please fix.

Okay so I realize the game is still in alpha. I’ve been playing since it has been released and I have been keeping a close look at population and they are dropping. I love playing Rust in a high population 200 player server but now you cant find anything over 100 and when you do their is blatant aim botting/esp. Now when the hackers created the suicide hack to raise players up an drop them it decreased the population to pretty much 0 on the official servers and they fixed it in like 3 days. VAC is so slow at banning and it really sucks that the game is unplayable with cheaters. It’s sad because this game would be fun, but servers wipe every 30 days or less because cheaters just stockpile stuff and it gets boring. I see the game dying because it takes a full day to really get situated, and then when people are ready to go PVP they run out and get 1 shoted from a cheater. The population is slowly winding down because people do not want to spend the time to gain resources etc, just to get aimbotted and lose it in 30 seconds anyways. Rust needs to dedicate a security team to fixing the esp/aimbotting, or make us run a 3rd party anti cheat client to play, otherwise it will die. Anyways, I’ll be watching patches upcoming and waiting like the rest for a real security patch to eliminate cheaters, otherwise the game is pointless and boring.

My friends and I saved up resources for about 48 hours and built a 15 story building.

What on earth do you need more than a month to accomplish?

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The game has nothing to do after you build a decent base and have all the BP’s.

That is the “problem” with the game. Not the hacking. I’ve put in probably 30-40 hours and never encountered a hacker.

Also, I have one shotted plenty of people with an arrow when they were naked. Sometimes they were crazy good/lucky shots. My point is that this is a game without any real content implemented yet. All it is, is a lesser version of minecraft with FFA PvP and FPS weaponry. Give them 3 months, it will be different.

In my first 10 hours of playing the game, I encountered people flying through the air and speedhacking on over half the servers I played on.

I’m sure you’ve also heard of a marginally prolific “youtuber” who was caught hacking recently…with an entire group of hackers with complete immunity. To top it off, he fired off a stream of bigotry and racial slurs, told the player who was recording him to “f*** off” because “it’s a game” and he has “130,000 subscribers” and would raid/kill the player who dared to point it out until he quit the game. Classy stuff.

Yeah, some people tend to j’accuse anyone who kills them of being a haxxor but when people are flying through the air and speedhacking, it’s pretty obvious. So…yeah, there is a hacker problem. I’m not saying, “ZOMG! EVERYONES A HAXXOR!” but it’s not some obscure issue either.

This is nothing compared to AAA titles like COD and Battlefield, where cheaters run around unchecked and laughable anti-cheats like Punkbuster kick more players than they ban hackers.

I wouldn’t go as far as OP’s claim to say the game is “ruined.” It’s an issue. It’s an alpha. It will be worked on.

I very much agree with this.

For the past two+ days now (the entire time I’ve been playing Rust, so far) this fucking guy named “ScrotoBaggins” has been flying around killing random players with speedhacks on. We’ve had numerous people report him directly via Steam’s report function. Nothing has happened.

It’s absolutely insane. He’ll do shit like fly up to you and headshot a team of 10 people in under a second somehow from miles away, then laugh about it and yell “git gud” in chat.

It’s on the North America 3 server, an official server that is supposedly “VAC Secure.” I know it’s an alpha, but come the fuck on. No clip, speed hacks, AND he’s able to see anyone ANYWHERE? It’s like there aren’t even any sort of protections against this shit at all.

You can fix it. Go into each server yelling “PEOPLE PLEASE DON’T CHEAT”.

ps: Maybe the cheaters will believe in you and stop cheating…:zoid:
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