cheaters still exist dry looted

I was building my house and playing the game again knowing my stuff was safe, think again

PC crashed so I had to restart, came back dead and went back to my room with items and everything half decent was gone…

all the doors still intact

moving to steam didnt fix anything…:frowning:

Cheaters can cheat as long as they don’t get caught. VAC can only goes so far unless cheaters are proficient in programming to bypass Vac.

They can still cheat, but now they can be caught doing it and banned permanently. Where as before, even proof can be staged and there was nothing watching for suspicious activity in the background.

Is there a way to grab the steam id of a player in rust?

Shift tab & view players

Their steam name is the same as their in-game name. just search them on steam and you can report them for cheating on their profile.

1Min after the wipe there was a guy with full kevlar alredy and now after 2 days everybody have kevlars wtf? they kill me 1 m4 shot when i have 100hp

Well, it’s easily possible to have full kevlars just few hours after wipe. Or even faster if you’re part of a huge group who pools resources and recipes

When I raid people along side c4 I take wooden walls and replace any walls I blow, making people assume they’ve been raided by a hacker while they were asleep

Edit : Cheers for all the dumb votes guys i guess ill stop repairing people’s walls for them after I fuck them over.

Getting the kev is not hard at the moment at all. I am surprised just about everyone isn’t running around with it very quickly. It will get harder I can assure you but once you know how to take out z’s without any issue it isn’t hard.

But yeah… there most likely still will be some but just be diligent about reporting it and be sure you’re not mistaking it for something else.

I love how someone stated this as dumb…someone’s jealous. LOL

It actually is a clever idea.

no it isnt

It’s alright If you don’t end up using your own wood

You’re wrong it is clever but not in a good way.

Replacing walls to make people think they have been no-clipped is a really bad thing to do and is really nothing more then trolling. I would like FacePunch to get an idea of the hacking situation and have an idea of how bad it is. Doing this just confuses and gives people false info about if they have been robbed by a real player or a no-clipper.

But it’s still clever lol…

Hey at least he’s not putting in walls everywhere so they can’t rebuild. There’s a special place in hell for people that do that XD

Exactly, I’m doing them a favour by filling in the holes :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe he’s replacing the wall(s) because he’s polite and has good manners. You can raid and steal stuff from people but you could at LEAST be polite and replace the wall so OTHER people can’t just come through and take up residence.

The way to not get raided is to build your safe room away from prying eyes and leaving the raiders no choice to burn through masses and masses of c4.

make your base so raiders cannot build up- from the outside and give them only the option of blowing through your metal doors
Stagger your staircases so they need to blow through doors to gain higher access to your base

If you want to be polite and blew 2 layers into their house, it would be most ethical to just rebuild the outer wall.

I don’t see why people have a problem with me fixing their walls.

i think it’s more the point that they think they have been hacked