cheaters win

I would have fired all the workers of facepunch and VAC couse all cheats in RUST working and all downloads for free. you can easy google it.
4 months have passed since the release of Rust and no progress has been observed. Cheaters win always in online-shooters. its dead gaming genre.

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Okay thanks.

Yes it is a dead gaming genre, whenever I log onto a PC shooter I notice it is a wasteland with no other players except for hackers. Whenever I look at the Steam top games none are shooters. I have never heard of ban waves by VAC, Cheatpunch, or any other anti cheat out there and hack sites do not have to constantly update to avoid detection. I never see the tears of butthurt hackers whining that their account got banned because their dog Googled a free hack and then their friend was hacking and they were mistakenly banned.

Learn how PC gaming works and either do something else or accept that sometimes hackers will exist. It is a game of cat and mouse, every time anti cheat measures get the upper hand cheaters find a new vulnerability to exploit. Rinse and repeat.

… Ok, I’ll bite. VAC is automated. It bans on a delay to gather behavior exhibited by “hacks” and to lull cheaters into thinking their “hacks” are undetectable. After a period of 1-3 weeks it bans all people who used “hacks” in waves. All it does is prevent them from playing Rust on the account that was VAC’ed. Despite what simple minded people like yourself would like, it doesn’t cripple them, fry their brains, kill them or anything that would prevent them from making a fresh account and buying the game again.

People like you who state that nothing is being done, as well as people who post topics about how someone is using hacks, YOU are as much to blame as anything else. YOU are all giving them what they really want: notoriety. Many of them have money to burn so they can be feared as “that hacking jack ass”. Maybe it would slow down a bit if people stopped giving them the attention they crave.

Only specially designed anti-cheat can solve the problem. But I do not believe it. Because that will cost more than the game itself. And even in this case the problem will not be solved completely.
So forget about cheaters and just play.

I have seen many times - “cheaters never win”. But who wants to win? Personally, I play for fun. Cheaters take it from me. So for me this phrase is not quite right…

Sadly its true that FPS games are the most Hacked and Cheater Infested genre…