Do you guys have new plans for future? Cheaters are ruining my gaming experience. I like Rust and actually I can’t stop playing even if cheaters are ruining my gaming experience, but still I’m pretty disappointed that we’re not having staffs online or at least we need some real-time hack reporting system that somebody comes check/inspect players when it’s needed.

My tower has been raided several times by a hacker. He’s probably flying, because he have exploded the roof of the tower and stole everything. There’s only top of tower broken and none of the walls broken from anywhere else. I still have access to doors etc. I’ve seen few guys hacking with my own eyes too. Yes. It is good that they get banned immediately or later, but the problem is that if they get ban with a delay they have at least one hour time to destroy everything and all the effort is gone just, because we let them hack for a some time. Collision check with the world should be done to the server side or something that they couldn’t fly.

This post is not meant to be flaming/crying or anything else it is meant to be a debate about hackers. Just let us know if there is hope for the future and get rid of these hackers.

He can build his way up and jump on top.
And I’ve never encountered a player on the new Rust.
I got 700 Hours in Rust. In old Rust there were many.
Easy Anti Cheat is doing a GREAT job. Appreciated.

Protip: Read the stickied thread on top of everything else that says “Regarding hacks, hacker reporting, and server advertising. Please read before posting about them.”

I would suggest playing on a server with admins. So, not official.

Yeah try out other servers, I learnt this the hard way, but now I have found a great server 4 my needs

you should start play on community server with active admins i havent meet any cheater yet … in rust Legacy where alot cheaters so

I had Toolboxes all around the base and it was checked that the way to the top cannot be builded…

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That’s true. I should try.

You should visit an official server for some weeks and you will understand that not EAC but the admins of the community server you play on do the good job.

I prefer community servers. Don’t like my progress getting wiped BUT having 5x gathering
makes my efford less - so i wont care losing all stuff. I get it back in no time.

Still, did only find glitchers, laggers, screamers and griefers. No cheaters.
And watching the facepunch forums getting flooded by cheaters pretending
to be innocent speaks a language for good work. EAC even responses them fast too.

I’ve never seen more dedicated working bees like EACs.

I met a flying dude with torch attacking me at sattelite dish after 10 minutes on facepunch amsterdam. unfortunately for him he got headshotted and several others on the server met him in the following minutes. He just kept flying around hitting people with torches.