Guys, I want your opinion. Basically I meet so many cheaters in the game, it doesn’t motivate to play. Nearly every second guy lives in a rock, very common radar and aim, also people using their second account to gather resources with speedhack. Reporting on tweater doesnt help at all, only a few get banned.
Maybe the developers should more focus on anti-cheat then implementing new functions, I do understand that it is not it their best interest as more functions attract more people and doesn’t matter for how long they will stay in the game(there is no subscription)

I have honestly never seen a hacker

I had it happen a few weeks ago on the Reddit server. My base was completely untouched (doors still in place and locked, etc.), but certain choice items from my storage had been cleaned out.

Other than that, I haven’t seen a hacker since Legacy.

If you haven’t seen a hacker, chances are you play on a community server. Hackers do hit them sometimes, but most have active mods or admins, so hackers are usually stopped pretty fast.

Hackers choose the official servers because of a total lack of any administrators except for perhaps a few odd servers where devs get online occasionally. They know by doing this they pretty much have free reign of the server for days or weeks until EAC catches up with them. Then they buy another client, get the new cheat, and join in again to continue their misdeeds.

I’ve been playing Rust since February, have almost 1400 hours in, and I’ve been a mod on the server I play on for the last 6 months. I’ve only had a problem with hackers when on official servers and a few of the more popular community ones. In that time, I’ve only encountered 2 hackers on the server I play on regularly and I banned them rather quickly.

Well, thats the example of cheaters, they just keep shooting from the rock just next to Red Town.
Reports do not help

Cheat control is not as important during the ALPHA phase of development. They would rather have them slowly get picked off so they know what to prevent against as the game develops rather than spend 24/7 stopping cheaters early in the games development process.

Besides, you are aware said cheats are constantly being worked on and that there is no magical solution that will stop them forever?

There’s always so much bitching about cheaters and asking FP or EAC to fix it when you can fix it yourself in seconds… Log onto a community server with active admins and play there instead.

It’s sad to see this prevailing attitudes of people being “helpless victims” permeating the virtual world as much as the real one. It takes a few seconds to fix the problem yourself. Yet people will let themselves get fucked over by hackers for months while crying for the Rust Government (FP and EAC) to save them.